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10 Best French Bulldog Beds

We can’t deny that allowing a Frenchie to sleep next to you presents one of the prettiest moments in your life. However, every dog should have its own place where it can sleep, rest and play. That’s why we’ve found ten best French bulldog beds that will suit their body structure and lifestyle.

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How to choose the best French bulldog beds?

The French bulldog breed is widely known for its muscle built and compact body. They are prone both to hypothermia and overheating because of their brachycephalic skulls. Therefore, your little gremlin needs to have the appropriate bed for sleeping for each season. Keeping their body temperature at optimal range is one of the most essential tasks when owning a Frenchie.

In case you don’t know how to choose the best French bulldog bed, I recommend you have a look at the following guide. Depending on your dog’s health, age, and season, you’ll be able to determine which one will fit your pet best.

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Warm-up your Frenchie!The best French bulldog beds for Winter season

Keeping your little batpig warm and cozy during winter is one of the greatest things you can do for his/her health. Frenchies don’t like cold weather. They best suit living in a mild climate where the temperature ranges between 18-25 C degreed. Therefore, to make sure your doggie won’t have issues with hypothermia, I recommend you to check out the following picks of Frenchie beds.

Frenchie World® Donut Cuddler Bed

To make your frog dog sleep like a king or princess, I recommend you have a look at this donut warm cuddler bed. It is unbelievably soft, warm and great for pooches that enjoy chilling all day long. The faux fur is put to make your pup warm, while deep crevices allow him/her to burrow. Another great fact about this bed is that the shell is completely removable and washable. So, you don’t have to worry if your little gremlin makes an unplanned mess.

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Frenchie World® Sofa Bed

In case you are searching for a classic-looking dog bed with raised edges, then this sofa bed will be your best choice. It is filled with silicone granules that shape according to your dog’s body. The pillow-like bed is great for pooches that like to keep their heads in a higher position while sleeping. You can cold wash it separately in a machine, and to shape it to the original form when it gets dry.

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Butterfly Dog Sofa With Pillow

Your pup will be ready for Dreamland in this plush Butterfly Dog Sofa With Pillow in Pink or Blue. It’s great both for puppies and adult dogs because it’s available in 2 sizes. From now on, your Frenchie can enjoy chewing on the pillow’s ears and have fun in its new favorite place for chilling. The lining is both soft and warm, so you don’t have to worry if your frog dog feels cold.

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Romeo Dog Bed by Frenchie World

Who has told that glamorous beds are only for humans? Your Frenchie deserves to sleep in a style too! This vintage dog bed is created by the Frenchie World team and it’s available in blue and pink colors. Since every Romeo needs to have his Juliette, they made this bed both in girly and boy designs.

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Italian Handmade French Bulldog Bed

Since older French bulldogs are prone to experience symptoms of arthritis and painful joints, it’s recommended to allow them sleeping in orthopedic beds. Unlike standard dog beds that are usually filled with sponge, orthopedic beds are made of 3 inches of memory foam. Memory foam serves to ease the symptoms of painful joints and shapes according to your dog’s body.

The following Italian French bulldog bed presents a great pick for senior dogs who show mobility issues.

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Frenchie World™ Orthopedic Dog Bed

We all know that senior dogs need support when sleeping. Their joints start to lose cartilage that can cause them to suffer from severe pains. Besides taking oral therapy of glucosamine, a dog should also sleep in an orthopedic bed, and eat a well-balanced diet. The following French bulldog bed presents aid in the relief of aches and sores associated with age!

It contains 100% high-density orthopedic foam and is great to use in winter months.

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Winter Cozy Dog Bed

Does your Frenchie enjoy to feel snuggled and warm during winter nights? If the answer is yes, then this cozy dog bed will become the bed of its dreams. Your doggie can jump in and the bed will shape according to its sleeping position. The raised edges are something that dogs like most, right? By sleeping in it, your little gremlin will certainly have the sweetest dreams.

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The best French bulldog beds for warm months

As we already mentioned, Frenchies are prone to heatstroke. That’s why you need to pay attention to their hydration and not to take them outside during the warmest part of the day. Another thing to consider is providing a Frenchie with a cool place for sleeping. The following Frenchie World self-cooling mat is filled with gel and works best when it’s put out of sunlight. It’s available in four sizes and provenly helps in regulating your dog’s body temperature.

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Cartoon French Bulldog Cooling Mat

In case you are searching for a cute and lightweight summer bed for your Frenchie, look no more! This Cooling mat is easy to pack and take with you to your greatest adventures. It is made of children’s sleeping mat ice silk fabric, which is soft, skin-friendly and non-sticky, cool and comfortable for summer. There are 4 designs to choose from and it’s available in 2 sizes.

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Self Cooling™ pad bed

Your Frenchie will certainly enjoy having rest on the following Self-cooling summer bed because it’s filled with gel. It provides your dog hours of cozy sleeping, so you don’t have to worry if it feels hot. The bed is available in 4 sizes, and to get the best effect, I recommend you to put it in the coldest place in the house.


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