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10 Best French Bulldog Jackets

Owning a Frenchie brings so many great things! You will never get bored because this breed is always ready to play and show affection. We all know that they are famous for their distinctive appearance. However, when buying clothes for these furry gremlins, you’ll need to make sure whether it will fit their piggy bodies. Therefore, we want to represent you with ten best French bulldog jackets. P.S. They are all specially tailored to suit this breed!

How to choose the best French bulldog jackets?

Despite the fact they are small in size, Frenchies have thick and muscle-built bodies. It means that the clothes for them need to be wide but short in the cut. Another thing to consider is the size of their necks. French bulldogs have thick necks. Since they have brachycephalic skulls and may experience airflow restriction, it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy clothes that will cause pressure on their necks. In the following list, you can find the piece of clothes for each type of weather condition for your little gremlin.

Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket

Frenchies are not like other dog breeds. They require wearing jackets during colder months because of their tendency to hypothermia. They best suit living in a mild climate where the temperature doesn’t exceed 24 C degrees. The same rule applies to summertime too. French bulldogs require drinking plenty of water and wearing summer-cooling clothes to stay away from heatstroke.

Do you like to dress your Frenchie in fashionable clothes? Well, in this jacket, it will certainly become the biggest star in the neighborhood. The following jacket is available in two colors and comes with a luxury and removable fur. Since it’s filled with felt, your dog will be able to go outside in the cold weather without feeling freezy.

best french bulldog jackets

Sporty Waterproof Raincoat

In case you are searching for a waterproof jacket that can be worn both in spring and autumn, then we advise you have a look at this Sporty raincoat. It comes in 3 colors and can be hand washed. The adjustable cinching strings and stoppers on the sleeves, hood, and bottom are great to modify the size according to your dog’s body. The best French bulldog jackets don’t have to be expensive. With the Frenchie World store, your little gremlin may look like a million dollar baby!

best french bulldog jackets

Dog Tuxedo & Vest Set

From now on, you don’t have to worry about choosing your partner’s outfit because this fellow will always look handsome! Imagine your Frenchie wearing a dog tuxedo set…We are sure that he will attract everyone’s attention. You can dress your little gremlin in this set on special occasions such as birthday parties, wedding days and holidays. The soft material will make him warm at the same time and will not make any ski irritations in your pooch. Since Frenchies are notorious for their tendency to show allergy to different fabrics, you can stay cold head by choosing this one.

Winter Warm Down Jacket

Every Frenchie deserves to have a thick and extra warm jacket is its closet. Therefore, we want to make sure that your little gremlin will not show any signs of hypothermia this season. This jacket is available in three colors and what is more important- it’s also suitable for rainy weather conditions.

best french bulldog jackets

Bee Winter French Bulldog Jacket

In case you thought you already found the best French bulldog jackets- you are wrong! From now on, your batpig can feel both warm and sweet as honey at the same time! The Bee Winter jacket is great for cozy autumn weather and has a zipper for easier dressing.

best french bulldog jackets

Winter Polka Dot Hooded Jacket

Since the holiday season is closer than ever, your Frenchie deserves to have a Christmas-inspired jacket. It has a hood, and the Christmas cute back print will make your little gremlin cuter than ever. This dog vest is perfect and cozy for those crisp days. The shell is 100% nylon, while the lining is 100% polyester.

Christmas Elk Winter Jacket

Regardless of the fact that French bulldogs can’t sustain spending plenty of time outside in winter, they should be allowed rolling in the snow. There’s no greater happiness for a dog than running through the powdery white snow and playing with its owner. Therefore, to make sure your Frenchie feels warm and protected, we advise you to have a look at the following winter jumpsuit. It covers both front and hind legs, so the only thing your dog will need are waterproof dog boots. Paw protection is one of the most essential tasks when owning a dog.

Down Jacket with Leg-warming Bottom

To prevent a French bulldog from suffering from hypothermia, it’s essential to know to recognize the symptoms of this condition. Trembling, shaking, raising legs, and lethargy can be only one of the symptoms. The following French bulldog jacket will definitely make your pooch warm because it covers almost the whole dog’s body. It is available in silver, black and blue colors and many sizes.

best french bulldog jackets

Koala Dog Hooded Jacket

In case you live in a cold climate and you want to make your little gremlin warm both inside and outside the house, then you need this Koala dog hooded jacket. Besides it’s so damn cute, the fleece fabric actually works as a blanket. Therefore, your pooch can even have a nap while wearing this crazy jumpsuit. It can also be worn outside in cozy spring and autumn weather when your Frenchie needs an extra layer of fur. Another great news is that you can find this jacket in piggy, elephant, and bear designs as well.

Reflective Safety Frenchie Raincoat

“Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! Mommy wants to play, rain, rain, go away!” Well, if this nursery rhyme perfectly describes your autumn struggles, then you definitely need to buy your dog a raincoat! French bulldogs can easily catch a cold, so you’d better think on time how to prevent him/her from it. Since this raincoat comes with reflective stripes, you can even enjoy having a stroll with your pooch at night.



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