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6 Best French Bulldog Life Jackets in 2022

Even though some Frenchies adore water, allowing them to swim without life jackets doesn’t sound like a good idea. Just like any other brachycephalic dog breed, Frenchies will sink like rocks. We are quite sure that some dog owners would tell that their French bulldogs are good swimmers, but the fact is that they tire very quickly. That’s why they’re at a higher risk of drowning.

How to find the best French bulldog life jackets?

When buying the right French bulldog life jacket, it’s essential to choose the right size. As we all know, these little batpigs have stout and short bodies, so we can’t buy them a life jacket that is made for big dogs such as German Shepherds. Frenchies require wearing specially tailored clothes that will suit their unique body proportions.

French bulldogs don’t like anything to interfere with their breathing, so checking the neck circumference and adjustability is the first thing to do. Another feature to look for is the right belly circumference.

French bulldog life jackets should have adjustable straps around the dog’s belly so that your dog can feel relaxed and comfortable. Buoyancy comes as a cherry on top. It’s very important because high-quality floating panels will keep your Frenchie on top.

To make retrieving your pet easier and safer, we recommend you buy a dog life jacket with a lifting handle. Bright color will make your pooch spot easier in the water, and more visible to other swimmers.

What are the best picks for French bulldog life jackets?

Sun & Waves French Bulldog Life Jacket

Made of high-dense diving fabric and crafted in bright yellow color, this French bulldog life jacket will make your dog safe and relaxed to spend time in the water. There is also a practical lifting handle on the back to help you easier maneuver your pet during swimming. You can adjust the size with nylon-webbing straps and set the neck circumference and the buoyancy panel will keep your Frenchie’s chin above the water.

french bulldog life jackets

Dragon French Bulldog Swimming Vest

You’re gonna love the reflective stripes on the Dragon wings of this Frenchie life jacket. It comes in blue and yellow colors and it will put your dog in the center of attention this season! Unlike other dog life vests, this one comes with adjustable Velcro strap and nylon webbing straps for better safety. Let your dog wear the trendiest life jacket on the beach.

french bulldog life jackets

French Bulldog Life Swimming Vest

Extremely lightweight and available in 4 colors, this French bulldog life jacket will help your furry friend become a master of swimming! Besides it comes in attractive and bright colors, this dog jacket also features reflective stripes on the back. A practical lifting handle will also be of great help when you need to save your pet from waves or some other unplanned situation.

french bulldog life jackets

Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket

Why not bring a dose of humor to your dog’s time of swimming by dressing him in this Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket? Emblazoned with a shark fin on the back and ensured with D-ring that will help you enjoy a relaxing stroll on the shore, this dog life jacket will make others turn their heads. Your Frenchie will get the ultimate floating effect and master his swimming skills wherever you decide to swim.

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Frenchie Life Jacket

Keeping your Frenchie safe around water is of great importance. Since these little gremlins get tired very quickly, you have to equip your little gremlin with this type of safety gear. Available in 3 camouflage colors, and ensured with chin and belly straps, your little batpig will stay safe from drowning and overturning. The floating panels are placed on both sides and on the top, and there is even a D-ring to attach the leash when you want to have a stroll at the shore.

french bulldog life jacket

Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

if you are ready to make your dog the main topic of conversation on the beach, then you have to dress her into the Mermaid Dog life jacket. The shiny scales and a Mermaid tail will catch everyone’s eye and make your dog visible to other swimmers. This French bulldog life jacket is available in three colors, and it features a chin extension and reflective stripes for better visibility.

french bulldog life jackets

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