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All-White French Bulldog Puppies

all white french bulldogs might get dirty

With a sweet and funny personality, it’s easy to see why the Frenchie is our favorite dog breed. Frenchies can be found in a number of coat color variations, which just adds to the charms of this dashing little dog. If you are looking to add an all-white French Bulldog to your family, we’ve got some great information to share about this sweet little pup.

The AKC Standard

As we all know, the AKC can be quite strict about the standards they uphold for colors and features seen in any particular purebred. Both the AKC and the French Bulldog Club of America recognize the all-white French Bulldog as being an accepted color for this lovely breed.

Some colors will disqualify as being acceptable. These include mouse, liver, black and tan, black and white, solid black, and white with black.

If you do have a Frenchie in these colors it doesn’t mean that he is in any way not perfect. It simply means that he can’t be shown in the ring at any AKC-sponsored shows.

Keeping Your All White French Bulldog Clean

White shirts, white sofas, and white dogs. They all seem to have one thing in common, and that’s their ability to attract dirt and stains. Your little canine companion is going to behave like a typical Frenchie. He’s going to run through the grass and roll on the grass. He’s also going to roll in some unpleasant things, and he’ll never meet a puddle of mud that he won’t fall in love with.

The short coat of the all-white French Bulldog means that he’s fairly easy to care for. Brushing his coat several times a week can help to keep shedding to a minimum. A gentle oatmeal shampoo designed for dogs can help to loosen up any grime on his coat. It can also soothe any irritation that he might have. Be sure to only use pet-safe shampoos and conditioners on your Frenchie. Anything else may sting his eyes during bath time.

There are some pet-safe shampoos designed specifically for dogs with white coats. They could be an option to help keep your all-white French Bulldog looking his handsome best.

Potential Health Concerns To Be Aware Of

Typically speaking, if your all white French Bulldog came from responsible and reputable breeders, he should not have any major health concerns for you to be aware of. Deafness can be a concern in all-white and mostly white Frenchies. Reputable breeders will ensure all of their puppies are tested before they are placed with a family. All dogs can get ear infections, so be sure to keep your pup’s ears clean and dry.

Another concern faced with all-white dogs is that they can be prone to sunburn, which can be quite uncomfortable for them. Be sure that you offer your pup plenty of protection from the sun during those hot summer months, and ensure that he has adequate shade if he’s out in the yard.

Your all-white French Bulldog is going to be an amazing addition to your family. Whether he loves to roll in the mud or not, you’ll simply fall in love with his playful charms.

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