Are French Bulldogs Aggressive Towards People And Dogs?

If you’re considering buying a dog, then you probably want to know more about its personality and temperament. A dog’s genetics and character traits have quite a big influence when choosing the right dog breed. Therefore, if you are thinking to buy a Frenchie, we are sure you would like to know are French bulldogs aggressive? Even though they have a rough appearance, these little gremlins have affectionate personalities and huge hearts. Read on and find out why.

Are French bulldogs aggressive towards other dogs?

Just like all dogs, Frenchies can show a sort of aggression towards dogs of the same sex. It usually happens because of jealousy and a desire for dominance. At the same time, it also depends on the fact if a dog has been neutered. Different studies have shown that neutered dogs are less prone to acting aggressively toward other dogs and humans. It’s because their hormones are stable and frequent variations do not occur.

To induce friendly behavior in your Frenchie, it’s essential to start early with the lessons of socialization. In other words, your dog should be allowed to spend time with other people, dogs, cats, and other pets from a young age. That’s how you’ll induce a friendly interaction between your Frenchie and other pets and humans.

Are French bulldogs aggressive towards kids and humans?

French bulldogs make great family pets. They are known as one of the best choices for families with children especially if they grow up together with their human playmates. In some cases, you should be careful not to leave a Frenchie and a child without supervision. Just like any other dog, a Frenchie can retaliate aggressively if a child pulls his ears, or is trying to hurt it. It’s a natural reaction not only in dogs but in all living beings when someone tries to hurt them.

French bulldogs like to be in children’s vicinity because they see in them the best buddies for playing and clowning around. At the same time, Frenchies may behave bossy and stubborn in certain situations. To prevent such behavior, it’s essential to set the boundaries from the start and become the pack of the leader in the house. By showing your dog ‘who is the boss in the house’, you will induce calm, confident, and friendly behavior in him.

are french bulldogs aggressive

In what situations can French bulldogs act aggressively?

  • Adopted or rescued Frenchies

Adopted or rescued Frenchies often have behavioral issues. It’s because they’ve probably been terrified of something or someone in the past. Therefore, acting aggressively is one of the defensive reactions when someone wants to approach them.

are french bulldogs aggressive
  • Fear

Fear in French bulldogs can be induced by a condition called separation anxiety. Since they belong to companion breeds, they’re not taught to spend plenty of time alone. If aggression is triggered by anxiety, a dog can act self-destructive by hurting himself (paw chewing, biting other body parts to blood).

  • Jealousy

As we already mentioned, jealousy in French bulldogs can trigger aggression in some situations. However, it happens only if a dog hasn’t been socialized. Proper socialization includes introducing a dog with odors from nature, other pets, animals, and unknown people.

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