Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats

Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats? Can They Live Together?

Bringing a new pet into your home can be daunting and overwhelming as well. If you already own an adorable Frenchie and you are thinking about adding another animal companion, for example, a cat, then you have to make sure both parties feel comfortable. Are French bulldogs good with cats is one of those questions that every animal lover would love to reveal.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats

Are French bulldogs good with cats? How to properly introduce them?

There is a common misconception that cats and dogs are constantly fighting. They don’t have to be enemies, you just have to introduce them properly. Every dog and every cat is different and their relationship will much depend on your efforts to properly train them.

Dogs love to chase, and it’s part of their nature. So, you don’t need to be afraid if your Frenchie wants to chase a cat if he/she hasn’t been around cats before.

The best time to introduce your Frenchie to a cat is at an early age. However, even adult French bulldogs can behave friendly toward their feline friends if they’ve been properly socialized. Socialization is the key to living with an obedient and confident dog. A dog who has used to spend time around other dogs and also cats, there is a higher chance that it will behave friendly toward a new pet.

On the other hand, no dog loves likes the feeling of usurpation. Your French bulldog’s bed or crate should stay only his, and you should not allow the cat to sniff and spend time there.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats

What is the first step of introducing a French bulldog to a cat?

Pick a location for a meeting

Choosing a calm, quiet and controlled environment is essential. So, the best option is to choose a room in the house without any other animals around. Keep your dog on the leash and gradually allow him to approach the cat. However, a close encounter should not happen.

The key thing is to monitor the dog’s behavior and keep him on the leash so you can react in unpredictable situations quickly.

Place the cat’s items near your dog

Since your Frenchie should get used to the cat’s scent, it’s important to place the cat’s items near your pooch. The same thing should be done with the cat, and let them both have a few days to get used to each other’s scent.

Keep the first meeting short

The first meeting should not last more than 5 or 10 min. Your little gremlin should be leashed, and the cat should be allowed to approach him if it feels comfortable. Try to calm your dog with praise words and reward him if shows obedience. As your dog starts to feel relaxed around the cat, you can prolong the meetings until he becomes completely comfortable and starts ignoring the cat.

Don’t leave them unsupervised

You never know when things may go wrong; it just takes one accident. So make sure to either put your little friend in its crate or move the cat somewhere else before you leave for an extended period of time. When both parties are comfortable with each other and there’s no conflict impending then you’ll be able to let these pets hang out together!

Mealtime should be separated

No one loves to be interrupted during mealtime so not your dog or cat. Therefore, make sure you keep your Frenchie in a separate room while your cat is eating. Besides, your dog can get sick of eating the cat’s food, so it’s important to pay attention to that part too. French bulldogs and cats should never eat in the same room and at the same time.

French bulldogs and cats can make a wonderful friendship

Note that it may take weeks or even months until both the dog and the cat become completely comfortable with each other’s presence. However, if your Frenchie starts showing aggression, or the cat looks like she wants to scratch the dog, then you should reduce the meeting the next time.

When cats interact with Frenchies, it can be difficult to determine what their intentions are. For example, the dog may raise its paw in an attempt at play but this could also signal aggression if viewed from the cat’s perspective- so you’ll want to watch out!

Giving your dog positive reinforcement when he’s around the cat will make him more likely to do what you want next time. You should give tons of praise and treats to your furry friend because that’s how he’ll make a positive association with desirable behavior.

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