are stairs bad for french bulldogs

Are Stairs Bad For French Bulldogs?

As a new dog owner, you certainly want to turn your home into a pet-friendly space to make your dog safe and comfy. When we talk about Frenchies, you’re probably familiar with their specific body structure and abilities to perform certain training lessons. Are stairs bad for French bulldogs might be one of the most common questions you would like to reveal.

are stairs bad for french bulldogs

Are stairs bad for French bulldogs? Should I be worried about my dog’s safety?

If you live in a home full of stairs, your Frenchie might find it difficult to climb them multiple times a day.  At a young age, your Frenchie puppy shouldn’t be allowed to climb the stairs because, during that period, their hips and bones go through the development stage.

Frenchie puppies are on a higher tendency to develop injuries, so the best way to prevent them from falling is to restrict them to use stairs. Our suggestion is to install a sort of gate that will make your dog unable to reach them. As your puppy grows and becomes more skillful, you can gradually teach him to safely use the stairs.

Unfortunately, some pooches will never be able to climb the stairs without showing certain difficulties. French bulldogs with hip dysplasia and other skeletal deformities will always need mechanical support to perform daily activities.

are stairs bad for french bulldog

When are stairs bad for French bulldogs? The best safety tips

Improve visibility and supervise your dog

If you live with a senior French bulldog, then you should light up the stairs with a night lamp to make them safer for usage. Senior pooches often deal with mobility issues due to the loss of cartilage in joints. A dog who deals with pains during using stairs will whine, pace, and show strange signs of body language.

Keep the stairs clean

The stairs in your house should always stay clean of toys, and other items that can affect your pet’s climbing.

Put non-slipping covering

By adding a non-slipping surface such as carpets and other types of flooring covers onto the wooden stairs will prevent your dog from falling. Rubberized runners might seem like the best option because they’ll help your Frenchie to gain purchase on the stairs.

Pay special attention during winter

Dog owners often forget about keeping their dogs safe in the winter. Even though our pets have claws, they need extra support to improve traction on icy surfaces. Therefore, besides using a pet-friendly ice melt on your outdoor stairs, we recommend you buying high-quality French bulldog boots with a non-slipping surface.

are stairs bad for french bulldogs

Install a dog ramp

If your Frenchies shows mobility issues, then you should start considering to install a dog ramp. They are especially suitable for senior dogs who need support. If your pet shows any sign of discomfort and feels frightened, we suggest you leaving snacks on the ramp to encourage him. Don’t forget to reward him and tell him to praise words at the end of the performed training lesson.

What type of dog ramp to choose for my Frenchie?

According to many dog owners’ opinions, a foldable dog ramp is the best option because it takes up little space, and can help your pet easier get in a car or onto the furniture.

A dog ramp should also be high enough to reach stairs properly, otherwise, there may be a possibility of getting an injury. Whatever ramp you choose, just make sure you teach your dog how to use it. You might need to invest some time and energy to make him relaxed and confident which is the most important thing to keep in mind.

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