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french bulldog grooming

French bulldog grooming demands

Often described as round-shaped ‘batpigs’, the lovely French bulldog breed is considered for the best apartment dog in the World. This muscular and powerful dog doesn’t shed much. However, when we talk about French bulldog grooming demands, they certainly require regular bathing and grooming. French bulldog grooming-how often do they need it? Every healthy French …

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french bulldog aggression- playing

French bulldog aggression-What do you need to know?

French bulldog aggression-revealing Despite the fact they are famous for their lovely and kind nature, French bulldogs can sometimes show aggression in certain situations. It’s a normal appearance in every dog breed. We all know that dogs have wild ancestors, so there’s nothing wrong with your Frenchie if he shows such behavior from time to …

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french bulldog shedding red hat

French Bulldog Shedding-keep it under control

If you’re a dog owner then you pretty much know how the struggle with a dog’s hair seems. When we talk about French Bulldog shedding, the good news is that they don’t shed much. However, that doesn’t mean your house will be a hair-free and scent-free place. Besides having a dog is a great feeling, …

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French Bulldog Size-What do you need to know?

Discover everything you need to know about French Bulldog size and weight! French Bulldogs make everyone fall in love with them not only because of their uniqueness but also for their personality. However, owning a dog often requires some extra concerns despite playing and cuddling. We bet every dog owner has wondered at least once …

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french bulldog ears

French Bulldog Personality- What you need to know?

Otherwise called city dwellers, French Bulldog personality is rapidly taking the place of a favorite family dog all over the world. It’s time to get the Labrador Retriever off the throne! Famous city dwellers Despite the fact they have a reputation for being lazy and the biggest snorers among dogs, Frenchies attract everyone’s attention. They …

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Mini French Pomerdog

Mini French Bulldog- Meet a big dog in a tiny body

Widely known for its unique appearance and lovely nature, Mini French Bulldogs are stealing people’s hearts by storm. However, before a decision of buying a mini French Bulldog puppy, you need to know the following! If they’re not appropriately bred, they’ll have serious health issues in the future! In order to stop the trend of …

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