Beagle French Bulldog Mix – Adorable Frengie


Also often referred to as the Frengle, the Beagle French Bulldog mix dog is a playful and alert little dog that will make a great addition to your family. He’s well-suited to living in a house with a yard and can also adapt well to the life of an apartment life.


The appearance of the Beagle French Bulldog mix

The Frengle will have the short haired coat of each breed, and will often have a combination of coat patterns of colors. He could display the classic markings of the Beagle, with a brindle undercoat, or he could be a mixture that is entirely his own. There is little to no consistency in coat appearance with these pups.

Even when fully grown, this mixed breed dog will not exceed 15 inches at the shoulder, and should not weigh more than 30lbs. One of the best features of this mixed breed is that he has a higher life expectancy than what is typically seen in larger dog breeds.

The personality of the Beagle Frenchie mix

You’ll find that the Frengle is an affectionate and funny dog to be around. His charming personality will take on all of the best attributes from the Beagle and the Frenchie, to give you a smart and playful dog that is simply a joy to be around. They are alert dogs that actually make good watchdogs. They can be prone to barking incessantly, but good training should help you to overcome this.

Training the Frengle

Good training should always include positive reinforcement and consistency. Beagles can sometimes have a bit of a stubborn streak, but by and large they are easy dogs to train. Your Beagle French Bulldog mix will prove himself to be eager to learn and happy to please. Be sure to offer him plenty of toys and activities to keep his curious little mind busy when you are at work.

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