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How To Stop Begging Behavior In Your French Bulldog?

We all know what our mealtime looks like. We end up with a little batpig sitting next to our feet giving those puppy-eyes look. And even though they’re not supposed to get any of our food, sometimes there’s just nothing better than throwing some scraps to let them feel that extra taste! But let me tell ya – this could cause huge problems in your Frenchie. Begging behavior in your French bulldog can lead not only to obesity but also to some severe health conditions. We don’t even have to mention your ‘ruined’ time for lunch or dinner.

begging behavior in your french bulldog

How To prevent begging behavior in your French bulldog?

Every dog should learn good eating manners. Seeing your Frenchie begging for food every time you sit to eat can be really nerve-wracking. To prevent begging behavior in your French bulldog, we’ve provided you with the following tips. This might be the best way to stop the pet parent-dog relationship from becoming one where your pup relies on food tokens in exchange for compliance.

There’s nothing worse than a Frenchie that won’t leave you alone. Dogs follow their owners everywhere, begging for attention and making noise with every step they take (or bark). It doesn’t matter how much of an annoyance it is- when these petite pups see food coming towards them in any form, they’re ready for anything.

The main reasons why begging behavior in your French bulldog may be harmful

Encouraging begging behavior in your pet is bad. That’s how they could mix it with rewarding and think they actually do something desirable. On the other hand, a situation where a dog is looking at your plate and counting your bites knows to be very unpleasant. Your friends and family don’t have to find such situations adorable.
Another reason why you have to prevent begging in your Frenchie is stealing. Stealing food from the table or anywhere else maybe sound great for your pooch, but in fact, there is a great danger of being poisoned. Note that dogs can eat something toxic or bad for their digestive system.

begging behavior in your french bulldog

Tips to prevent begging behavior in your French bulldog

Setting a feeding schedule is ‘a must’

Your dog needs to be fed, so develop a feeding schedule. Dogs like routine and find it comforting when they have an established time for their meals! For most dogs twice daily works well – as long as you give them some love in between feedings (and don’t forget about those tummy scratches).

Choose a cozy spot for your Frenchie

Make sure you send your pooch to his favorite place for chilling right before your meal. To succeed in that routine, you have to reward your dog with treats when he arrives at ‘his safe place’

Stay consistent

We all know how much French bulldogs love food. However, even though they’re known as greedy eaters, you should stay consistent in teaching/fixing their behavior. Make sure everyone in the house is on board with stopping begging. It’s hard for one person to encourage it while others aren’t because then, they’re just confused about life at home.

Choose the appropriate location for feeding

Dogs should eat their meals in quiet and calm places. You should not choose your dining room, but a spot where your Frenchie will stay focused on his tasty bites.

begging behavior in your french bulldog

Ignore the begging behavior in your French bulldog

We all know how hard it is to say no when your dog begs for food. However, the most important thing you have to do is to ignore him. Otherwise, your pet will think he’s doing something desirable and will always beg for more during your meals. We know how hard is to resist those ‘begging puppy eyes’, however, it’s important to stay strong and ignore your pet. Just think of what negative attention could potentially teach them?
If you feed your Frenchie during your meals, he will continue doing that in the future. Therefore, stay consistent and gradually teach him that begging doesn’t work.

Provide your Frenchie with interactive toys

French bulldog toys can keep your pooch off the table. They will occupy his mind and make him think about how they work. For example, you can give your dog to play with an Interactive UFO Toy For Frenchies.

begging behavior in your french bulldog

Block access to the table

One of the best ways to keep your pup from begging at dinner time is by blocking access with baby or pet gates. You can also place your dog in a separate room so he doesn’t have an opportunity to make noise while you’re eating!

Is your Frenchie always hungry?

If your dog has just finished his meal and he still wants to eat, then you should start considering changing his diet. Maybe your dog just doesn’t get enough calories to satisfy his activity level and needs.

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