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What Are The Best Chew Toys For French Bulldog Puppies?

French bulldogs like all other dogs, get their baby teeth when they are two weeks old. Unlike human babies, they get it much earlier and start dealing with a painful process of growing. As our pooches grow, they investigate the world with their mouth and muzzle, so chewing is a normal part of their nature. To save your home items from destroying and to help your pet to easier get through the process, we’ve decided to make a list of the best chew toys for French bulldog puppies.

chew toys for French bulldog puppies

How to help your French bulldog to deal with the teeth growing process?

Besides using teeth cooling gels, your pooch also needs items that will induce teeth growth. Chew toys for French bulldog puppies leave a beneficial effect on gums and relieve the pain. They are also great for adult pooches because they’ll help in removing tartar and plaque. Those conditions are not only ugly to spot, but they also may lead to paradentosis and inflammation of the gums.

Chew toys for French bulldog puppies will help your pet not only to deal with pains but also to occupy the dog’s attention. Every canine requires mental stimulation for improving intelligence. There are many interactive chew toys that will work double for your pet.

We don’t even have to mention that Frenchie toys will help your pet to get used to spending time alone. It’s also one of the ways to prevent him to suffer from dog separation anxiety. Since Frenchies belong to companion breeds, they are taught to follow their owners and work for them. So, leaving a Frenchie home alone can lead to many behavioral problems and anxiety is one of them.

What are the best chew toys for French bulldog puppies?

We’ve selected 5 chew toys that have been tested on Frenchies. They are made of safe and non-toxic materials and are extremely durable.

Tooth cleaning chew toy

Available in 4 colors, this dog toy will intrigue your Frenchie to keep playing. The rubber material is non-toxic and safe and will sustain even the bites of older pooches. Your puppy will enjoy playing with this toy because it comes with rope extensions that will attract attention. At the same time, the toy is good to use for removing tartar and plaque from a dog’s teeth.

toys for french bulldog puppies

French Bulldog Beeping Chew Toy

Our next pick is suitable for dogs of all ages. It makes a squeaky sound as the dog chews it, so we are sure that your pup will stay curious to find out what’s inside of it. Luckily, the quality and elastic rubber will handle the strongest bites.

Interactive Chewing Treat Toy

This French bulldog toy will not only occupy your dog’s attention but will also make him work for his food. You can hide dozens of dry kibble treats inside of it, so your little pup will get not only a tasty snack but will also ease the pain in gums. The rubber will gently scratch the gums, while the candy/ bone shape will attract the dog to play.

chew toys for french bulldog puppies

Chew toys squeaky sound

Ideal for newborn puppies, this squeaky dog toy is both soft and solid to sustain biting of sharp puppy’s teeth. The squeaky sound and vivid colors will make your pet to seek for more fun and play.

Dog Funny Mouth Piece

Besides it looks so funny, this dog toy will make your dog wonder what’s that thing inside of his mouth. Just imagine your Frenchie standing in front of the mirror and making a weird face. The toy is available in three patterns and can also serve even as a part of the costume for special occasions.

chew toys for french bulldog puppies

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