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The Best French Bulldog Costumes in 2020

Do you want to find the funniest French bulldog costumes to celebrate Halloween, Christmas or Easter? Well, these picks will definitely put a smile on your face. Just imagine your Frenchie turning into a buzzing bee, scary bat, or shark. Read on and discover our pick…

French bulldog costumes to celebrate special occasions

Halloween is probably one of the most exciting holidays in the year for many of us. We all get dressed in crazy-looking costumes, but what about your dog? To involve your pet in joyful occasions this year, we suggest you check the following list of the best French bulldog costumes.

Bat Pig Dog Costume

Widely known for their bat ears, Frenchies are complete winners when we talk about unique appearance. They attract everyone’s attention with their playful personalities and witty spirits. Therefore, if you want your pooch to make everyone laugh, we suggest you dress him into the following bat costume. The wings are spread and your dog will be ready to fly away any minute.

french bulldog costumes

Devil/Unicorn French Bulldog Hoodie

We all agree that our dogs can be really mean and evil from time to time. At one point, they can be the most obedient creatures on Earth, while in another they become ungrateful for all that we do for them. That’s why your dog deserves to wear this Frenchie costume. Mark your pet as the main culprit for ruining tons of your shoes, clothes and other favorite items by showing everyone his bad side.

French Bulldog Halloween Headwear

This French bulldog Halloween costume might scare you at first sight. However, it’s probably the craziest pick you’ll ever be able to find for your little furry friend. This Frenchie costume looks so realistic and comes in 4 designs. You can choose between meat chopper, ax, scissors, and syringe.

french bulldog costumes

Doctor And Nurse Halloween Dog Costume

Perfect for birthdays and costumes parties, these two French bulldog costumes will surely make everyone laugh. With the full doctor’s equipment, your little four-legged fellow will be the cutest on the party. You can choose between nurse and doctor costumes to make your Frenchie spotted.

costume for a dog

Bee Dog Costume

Turn your pet into a buzzing bee by wearing this cute dog costume. It is made of 100% stretchable cotton so it won’t make pressure on your dog’s neck. The cute bee wings are transparent and the costume comes with a lovely hood. The satin bodice is decorated with black satin ribbons. The stripes are perfectly matched with the layers of the yellow material. The Frenchie costume and has a high-cut tummy to keep your little bee clean and fresh when goes to the toilet. 

French Bulldog Rabbit Hoodie

This French bulldog hoodie is not only great to wear on everyday occasions, but also to celebrate birthday parties, Easter and many other special occasions. The pleasant and soft cotton won’t make your dog’s skin itchy, while the high cut will keep your pooch always clean. The hoodies/costume comes in 2 colors and it’s machine washable.

french bulldog costumes

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