Best French Bulldog Names

Resisting the wrinkly face of French bulldog is very hard, especially if you are a pet lover. There is no denying that it is an adorable breed. Despite having an occasional stubborn and lazy streak, Frenchie is incredibly adaptable. It has an easy-to-go personality that makes it an ideal family pet. Kids love this miniature and enjoy its sense of humor.

When I purchased this easy-to-look after pet it took me one week to decide its name. I know it is not the case with everyone normally as people already have cute names in their mind before they purchase the dog.

However, if you have not thought about it yet, I can suggest you some interesting names for your Frenchie.

Before I list those names, there are certain things that are important to consider when deciding the best French bulldog name such as your dog’s size and its gender.

What Should You Consider When Naming a French Bulldog?

Whether you are thinking French bulldog male names or French bulldog female names, it is important that they are short. Not only it is a popular trend but also easy to recognize for your dogs. You are going to use this name hundred times in a week; you have to be happy with the name. Here are few things that are vital to consider:

  • Choose a short name for your Frenchie – preferably not more than two syllables
  • Make sure your dog’s name does not sound like other names in your family,  otherwise It may be cause confusion
  • Make sure your dog’ name does not sound like common commands; it may also be confusing
  • You might have come up with a very cute and exotic name that sounds great for a miniature puppy, but will it suit a gown French bulldog? That means the chosen name must suit the personality, size, age and gender of a French bulldog. You can check size comparison website or read the details on the internet related to your puppy’s breed.

How to a Name French Bulldog?

Apart from aforementioned points, you can take inspiration from the origin and specific defining attributes for naming your French dog. For examples Versailles or Paris reflect the origins and sounds perfect for your French bulldog.

The color of your dog can also be an important factor such as Frosty for white Frenchie, Sandy for cream canine sound good. Following are some best French bulldog names,

French Bulldog Male Names


French Bulldog Female Names


Sammy Flora
Oscar Dixie
Buddy Mignon
Max Maggie
Jake Bella
Rusty Cinders
Sam Zoe
Pluto Reba
Charlie Rosie
Pax Holly
Prince Sassy

Bottom Line

Overall, choosing the name for your new little French dog pup is fun and exciting. It is important to consider your dog’s size, age and gender when choosing the name to make sure it is perfect for your dog. Keep it short but suitable.

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