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What Is The Best French Bulldog Tear Stain Remover?

French bulldog tear stains are one of the common conditions found in dogs with light-colored coats. Frenchies and other brachycephalic-skulled dogs have a higher tendency to develop these dark marks under the eyes. You’ve probably noticed that some dogs may have a chronic problem with tear stains in comparison to others. Usually, those ugly-looking marks are not alarming. However, in some cases, they can point out an underlying issue. To help you keep your dog’s eyes always clean, healthy and fresh, we decided to reveal you what is the best French bulldog tear stain remover on the market.

french bulldog tear stain remover

Why do tear stains occur on French bulldogs?


As we all know, these little gremlins have protruding eyes and flat skulls, so their eyes require more tears to stay moist. As the result, Frenchies produce more tears that are rich in porphyrin. Porphyrin is found in a dog’s urine, tears, and saliva, and it’s the main culprit for developing the tear stains on your Frenchie. Porphyrin is a pigment that dogs release into their red blood cells. And, if there is too much of it, the tears will cause stains on the coat.

Environmental factors

Another reason that can affect Frenchie’s tear stains are environmental factors. Feeding your pooch with food rich in iron could be one of the reasons. Besides, drinking and eating from plastic bowls may also cause an allergy that is followed by tear production.

Poor Grooming Hygiene

Maintaining good grooming habits is essential to prevent and manage tear stains. Regularly clean the area around your French Bulldog’s eyes with a damp cloth to remove any accumulated tears and debris. Avoid harsh chemicals or wipes that may irritate their sensitive skin.

Underlying conditions

Different conditions such as eye infections, abnormal tear ducts, seasonal and food allergies, or ingrown lashes could also be the reasons for producing more tears and developing stains.

Excessive Tear Production

Some French Bulldogs naturally produce more tears than others. While this isn’t a cause for concern on its own, it can lead to tear staining if the tears are not properly drained or if the fur around the eyes is not regularly cleaned.

What is the best French bulldog tear stain remover?

Regardless of your Frenchie’s color of fur, your dog needs to get a regular face cleaning. Face cleaning includes cleaning the French bulldog’s folds, the area around his eyes and mouth. Note that reddish stains can also occur around the dog’s mouth because the pigment porphyrin is found in saliva as well.

Since French bulldogs have sensitive skin, our suggestion is to choose a hypoallergenic stain remover. While wiping the affected area, you should avoid direct contact with the dog’s eyes.

The following French Bulldog Tear Stain Remover doesn’t contain bleach or other harmful chemicals. By regular usage of this French bulldog tear stain remover, you’ll stop the buildup of porphyrin and prevent eye infections in your pet. The mild antiseptic formula can be used on sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain alcohol and parabens.

french bulldog tear stain remover

This French bulldog tear stain remover also doesn’t contain bleach and other harmful chemicals. By regular usage of this French bulldog tear stain remover, you’ll stop the buildup of porphyrin and prevent eye infections in your pet. The mild antiseptic formula can be used on sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain alcohol and parabens.

How to use it?

You should pour a few drops on a cotton ball and gently massage the spot. In the beginning, you can use this product 3-4 times a week, and decrease the usage when the stains begin to fade. You’ll see the first results in 2 weeks, and it’s safe to use on a dog’s folds too. When you finish with the cleaning of the folds, we recommend you ’smear’ a little bit of cornstarch to pick up the excess moisture. Using a solution made of water and apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide is not advisable at all, because it can irritate the skin and cause an allergic reaction.

Convenient eye wet wipes for Frenchie owners

Another product that every Frenchie owner needs to have in his/her house is French Bulldog Eye Wet Wipes. They remove eye dirt, and thanks to natural ingredients, they won’t irritate the dog’s sensitive eyes. They are one of the most popular health and care products among French bulldog owners! The wet wipes can be used 3 times a week and thanks to Aloe Vera gel, your Frenchie’s fur around eyes will always stay clean and tidy.

french bulldog tear stain remover

French Bulldog Eye Wet Wipes are the third product we have to mention if you want to keep your French bulldog’s eyes healthy and clean. Similar to the previous one, these wipes also feature refreshing Aloe Vera gel and other mild formula cleansing agents.

tear stain

Why is important to use a French Bulldog tear stain remover?

One of the most important reasons to buy a tear stain remover for your French Bulldog is to keep them looking cute. The breed is known for its big, expressive eyes, and tear stains can take away from their beauty. Your beloved Frenchie may look tired, sick, or even sad because of these spots. Using a tear stain remover can help your furry friend look their best, showing off their beauty and making everyone they meet fall in love with them.

On the other hand, tear stains aren’t just ugly; they can also make your French Bulldog feel uncomfortable and hurt their health. When your dog produces too much tears, it can irritate the skin around their eyes and make them feel uncomfortable. Because of this, your Frenchie might scratch or rub its eyes, which could cause more irritation or even lead to an illness. By using a tear stain cleaner, you can make sure that your dog’s eyes stay healthy and free of irritations.

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