The Best Frenchie Toys To Treat Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in French bulldogs presents one of the most common issues that may occur in this breed. It happens when a dog spends a lot of time alone or in case it was abandoned. There are many ways how to help an anxious pooch, and buying Frenchie toys is one of them. These picks can provenly help your French bulldog to deal with this issue.

What are the best Frenchie toys for separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety comes in different stages and may progress from mild to severe if it’s not treated on time. It is described as a condition where your Frenchie starts to feel nervous every time you need to leave the house. Some of the symptoms include pacing, howling, barking, nervous walking from room to room, digging, scratching, loss of appetite and self-destruction.

Since one of the ways to help your dog is teaching him to spend time alone by using Frenchie toys, these are our best picks to make your dog entertained. French bulldogs are very sensitive dogs when we talk about their emotions. They belong to companion breeds because they learned to work alongside their owners. That’s why dog anxiety usually occurs in adopted pooches who have been abandoned. The stress was huge when they found themselves without their lovable families. That’s why every Frenchie owner should treat the condition from the very beginning. Besides Frenchie, other small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, Pug, and Dachshunds can also suffer from separation anxiety.

Frenchie World® Snuflemat for IQ development

Frenchie World mat is perfect when you want to gradually teach your batpig to spend time alone. You can hide tasty treats or dry kibble food inside of the mat and let your dog explore it. The smell of a dog’s food will attract your Frenchie, so you’ll be able to finish errands at home.

The time of leaving a dog alone should be gradually increased. On the first day, you can leave your pet for only 5 min. As the days go by, you can increase the time for a few minutes.

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Wifi Automatic Dog Feeder with Camera

Have you ever wondered what is your Frenchie doing in the moments of loneliness? Well, from now on, you can leave him home alone and track his plays and behavior. The Wifi Automatic Dog Feeder with Camera is a device that enables you to be online with your dog wherever you are. You can install this device at your home, where your dog spends most of the time. It consists of an HD camera and allows two-way audio communication with your dog. Therefore, it will surely provide you peace of mind.

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Emotional Appeasing Clothes: Dog Anxiety Jacket

It’s true that this is not a toy, but it provenly helps in calming anxious dogs. Dog anxiety jacket provides an effect of hugging. Therefore, your Frenchie will feel safe and relaxed to wear. According to the customers’ opinions, this jacket helped in more than 80% of cases.

Frenchie World® IQ Treat ball interactive food egg

Since Frenchie toys come in so many great designs and purposes, this one might present one of the best picks for your dog. This rolling ball is great when you want both to feed and keep your Frenchie entertained. You need to fill it with dry kibble food and to set the level of difficulty. As the ball rolls, it will release rewards and feed your Frenchie.


French Bulldog Smart Slow Feeder Toy

Another toy that can keep your Frenchie occupied is this Slow feeder toy. The smell of food will attract your batpig, so he’ll need to figure out how to get it. As he succeeds to finish the puzzle, the cases with food will open.

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French Bulldog Interactive Feeder Toy

If your French bulldog is a lover of cooked food, then you can use the following interactive dog toy. It can be filled with a sort of pate or peanut butter. As your dog chews it, the toy will release the food. It’s also great for puppies that go through a teething phase because it’s made of rubber.

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