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How To Calm Down Your French Bulldog During Fireworks?

We are fast approaching the end of the year. And, for our dogs, it’s not such a thrilling part of the year due to fireworks that can be very scary. If your pooch goes through severe fear and shows anxious behavior by hearing the explosive sound, then you should read these tips about how to calm down your French bulldog during fireworks.

Tips to calm down your French bulldog during fireworks

According to different studies, almost 45 % of dogs in the UK, and 50% of dogs in the USA show signs of fear when they hear the sound of fireworks. If you’ve noticed that your Frenchie runs to find a safe place under the table or shelf every time he/she hears the explosive sound, then you can be sure that your French bulldog suffers from anxiety.

It’s essential to mention that there are different types of anxiety. However, in this case we will write about the stress caused by fireworks. While for people fireworks represent a moment of celebration and happiness, for our dogs it’s nothing but an unpleasant surprise. Here are the tips about how to calm down your French bulldog during fireworks.

Create a safe den for your French bulldog

French bulldogs like to have a feeling of safety during the storm, firework, or when they spend time alone. They are den animals, so they’ll search for a safe place in the house that will help them easier deal with such a stressful moment.

Our suggestion is to place your French bulldog’s bed or dog house far from the window. If your pooch prefers crates, you can also place inside your Frenchie’s toys, treats, and other items that can calm him down.

Some batpigs also love to lie beside the owner’s piece of clothing That’s how they have a feeling of the owner’s presence and will be less likely to show anxiety.

Make sure your Frenchie has a collar with an ID

Depending on your French bulldog’s behavior, you can consider buying a collar with an integrated GPS system. In that way, you’ll save your dog from escaping, and will have better chances to find him/her quickly. The following French bulldog tracking collar is water-resistant and will let you know where your Frenchie is at any moment. You can track him by downloading the app, and you take a picture of the code that goes inside the device.

calm down your french bulldog during fireworks

Have you heard of ‘white noise’?

We bet many parents have heard of the phrase ‘white noise’. It is a sound that resembles the sounds of the mother’s womb and parents play it to their infants to calm them down. The sounds that resemble the sound of the mother’s womb are the hairdryer and a vacuum cleaner. However, since some dogs are not fans of such noises, you can play classical music, and turn the TV louder. In that way, you’ll cover the sound of the fireworks a bit.

Walk your dog before the firework starts

Make sure you take your Frenchie for a long walk before the sunsets. In that way, you’ll make him tired and less prone to react sensitively to sounds. It’s also important to check whether your leash and harness/collar are well-set.

Desensitize your French Bulldog

Before the fireworks season starts, you can play the sound of fireworks to your pet. The volume should be low enough to make your dog curious to discover from where it comes from.

Aks your vet for advice

Unfortunately, some Frenchies require the help of medicines in order to calm down. However, no drug should be given before you previously ask your vet which one will fit your dog best. According to the dog’s age and weight, your pet will get a prescribed medicine that should be given only on days of celebration.

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