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Can French Bulldogs Be Outside Dogs? Facts To Know

We all know that dogs descended from wolves that are capable to live outdoors. However, when we talk about specific dog breeds such as Frenchies, they shouldn’t be allowed to be outside dogs. Due to their brachycephalic skulls, French bulldogs can’t regulate their body temperatures. Therefore, if you were wondering can French bulldogs be outside dogs, the answer is pretty clear. They should never be allowed to sleep outside during regardless of the part of the year.

Can French bulldogs be outside dogs? Things to know

If you’ve decided that a French bulldog is the right dog for your family, there are many things to know before making a final decision. Frenchies are outgoing, loyal, and their witty personalities attract everyone’s attention. And when we talk about their physical traits, Frenchies are not capable to sustain great physical exertions and outdoor living.

Due to these facts, these batpigs often find homes in apartment-living conditions of city dwellers. Perfect for owners who are not sports type of persons, Frenchies currently take a high 4th position on the list of the most popular dog breeds.

One-layered coat

Unlike many other dogs, French bulldogs have one-layered thin coats that aren’t enough to keep them warm during cold months. That’s why you can’t leave your Frenchie outside because it may turn out to be fatal. Walking with a Frenchie outside during the winter is another situation when you should pay attention to. These little gremlins require wearing clothes to stay snug and safe from freezing.

Their legs are too short so their bellies are closer to the ground which makes them susceptible to catch a cold.

The following Winter Parka is specially-tailored to suit Frenchies and to prevent them from hypothermia. The giant fur collar will make your pet spotted, while the inner shell is made of thermal fabric. The collar is also removable, so you can use it only on special occasions.

Can French Bulldogs Be Outside Dogs

When we talk about warm days, French bulldog owners should choose cooler parts of the day for strolls. Exposing Frenchies to hot sun can cause their thin skin to become red, irritated, and develop sunburns. That’s why we recommend you dress your pet in a Summer Cooling Vest For French Bulldogs.

It features a special heat-resistant fabric and before wearing, you should soak it in cold water. It comes in two cool and vivid patterns and comes with a practical box. To get a better cooling effect, we suggest you leave it in a fridge for 15 min before wearing it.

Brachycephalic skulls

Since French Bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, they are incapable to regulate their body temperature. Their airways are too short, so they find it difficult to warm up or cool off the air they breathe in. To keep these pooches safe, it’s the best to allow them to live in temperatures between 20-23 C degrees. During the summer months, you can place your French bulldog’s bed or crate in an air-conditioned room. Besides, you can use one of the awesome dog-cooling beds that feature gel filling.

The cooling gel will prevent your Frenchie from heatstroke, and since it’s soft, your pet will enjoy spending time on it.

can french bulldogs be outside dogs

Another summer-cooling accessorize you can use on your little gremlin is the French bulldog cooling collar. It is made of neoprene, and it’s filled with cooling gel. It provides up to 90 min of protection when spending time in hot weather and thanks to the adjustable drawstring, you can set the neck size.

Short legs

Even though this fact doesn’t sound crucial at first sight, it actually affects keeping a Frenchie safe in different weather conditions. Since Frenchies have short legs, their bellies are close to the ground. Therefore, they become susceptible to absorb the temperature from the pavements they walk.

What are the signs of heat exhaustion in French bulldogs?

If you’ve exposed your Frenchie to hot weather, then you might spot the following signs of heatstroke:

  • panting
  • dizziness
  • lethargy
  • dry nose and pale gums
  • lost skin elasticity (test it by gently pulling it on your dog’s neck)
  • noisy breathing

Aside from using the previously mentioned cooling items, your lovely dog should drink plenty of water too. Place your French bulldog’s water bowl on a visible place and replace the water frequently. Do not pour the water from a bottle kept in the fridge but only that is of normal temperature.

What are the signs of hypothermia in French bulldogs?

Due to the extreme lowering of body temperature, your Frenchie may show the following symptoms:

  • slowing down the heart rate
  • lethargy
  • loss of conscious
  • frostbites
  • shivering
  • leg lifting

To prevent your dog from this health condition, we suggest you dress your dog in warm clothes and to put dog boots on his paws. Besides, you should never spend a lot of time outside. The question ‘Can French bulldogs be outside dogs?’ should never be put into consideration. French bulldogs are not predisposed to live outside in harsh weather conditions.

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