Can French Bulldogs Eat Chicken?

If you’re a responsible dog owner who cares about the dog’s diet, then you’re probably curious to find out can French bulldogs eat chicken. Chicken meat can provide your pet with many benefits most because it represents a great source of protein.

can french bulldogs eat chicken

Can French bulldogs eat chicken? Are some Frenchies allergic to this ingredient?

The good news is that most French bulldogs won’t show any allergic reactions to chicken meat. However, feeding your dog with chicken skin can cause him to experience digestive issues. Chicken skin is rich in fat and calories that don’t have any nutritional value. Therefore, it’s not a good choice for Frenchies who are prone to obesity or developing allergies.

Chicken skin can cause itchiness, and diarrhea if your dog eats it daily. On the other hand, feeding a Frenchie with boiled chicken breast meat is totally fine. It doesn’t contain a high amount of fat and represents a great source of beneficial proteins that are important for a dog’s growth and development. Feeding a dog with chicken drumsticks and other parts is not recommended because they also contain high amounts of fat.

If you feed your dog with homemade meals, then using chicken breast meat can become one of the main ingredients in your French bulldog’s diet. You can mix it with rice, boiled or fresh carrots, and other veggies that suit your dog’s belly.

On the other hand, feeding a dog with raw chicken meat can be safe only if you buy it from trusted butchers. Raw chicken can be risky because of the potentially bad bacteria overblown. If you want to feed your Frenchie with the BARF diet, then you should pay attention to making a good balance in chosen ingredients. Besides, it would also be great to choose organic meat that will be free of hormones, additives, and other antibiotics. If you’ve determined that your Frenchie is happy and doesn’t show any side effects, go ahead and let him enjoy it.

can french bulldogs eat chicken

Can French bulldogs eat chicken and what are the benefits of including it into the diet?

As we already mentioned, chicken meat represents a great source of proteins. Besides, it’s rich in amino acids that help the muscles and tissues to strenghten. Vitamins B3 and B6 are another essential elements that boost the energy and improve the dog’s immune system.

Giving a boneless meat is also a safer option because Frenchies are prone to choking. They literally inhale the food while eating due to their flat muzzles. To make make a meal more juicy to your pet, we recommend you to add a few spoones of yogurt. It can serve as dressing and most Frenchies won’t show any digestive issues by eating it.

As one of the best feeding bowls for French bulldogs, we recommend you to check the following Anti-choke feeding bowl. It features a rotating bone in the middle that slows down the dog’s eating. Teh bowl has anti-slip rubber strips at the bottom, and it’s washable at high temperatures.

If you never fed your Frenchie with chicken before, it’s advisable to include it gradually. One day, you can give your dog a small slice of boiled chicken breast meat, and then to increase it by observing the signs.

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