can french bulldogs fly

Can French Bulldogs Fly? How To Travel With a Frenchie?

If you’re an owner of a Frenchie, then you’re probably thinking about whether it’s safe to take him/her to travel by plane. French bulldogs and other brachycephalic skulls are not permitted to travel in the cargo area of planes due to health reasons. That’s why we want to reveal the question ‘ Can French bulldogs fly?’

can french bulldogs fly

Can French bulldogs fly?

Due to an increased number of deaths on the plane, brachycephalic dog breeds are not allowed to travel in the cargo area. Some airlines have even completely forbidden flat-skulled dogs because they don’t want to take responsibility if something tragically happens.

Therefore, if you want to take your Frenchie on a vacation with you, it’s essential to find an airline-approved carrier. French bulldogs can fly with us in the cabin in specially designed dog carriers. Frenchie World offers you carriers that are made according to the size of this breed. They are approved on planes and very practical to use during trips. The following Transparent Dog Carrier features large ventilation holes and an adjustable belt for a shoulder. The handle is covered by silicone for easier carrying and the transparent armor allows you to monitor your dog’s behavior.

can french bulldogs fly

Under what conditions can French bulldogs fly?

Travel with your Frenchie only if necessary

Although you would like to spend a vacation with your lovely pet, sometimes, it’s better not to take a risk and hire a dog sitter. There are also many luxury pet hotels that will provide you with complete peace of mind while spending time out of the home. However, if your pooch seems over-attached to you and if you think that he/she might feel desperate about your leave, then you should definitely take him/her to spend a vacation with you.

Note that Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from separation anxiety. So, if you’ve never been away from home for a few days, our advice is not to risk this time too.

Find a pet-friendly airline

This is one of the first questions to ask before booking a ticket. Not all airlines will treat you and your dog the same, so it’s always better to ask them about the conditions.

Buy a dog ticket

It’s highly important to buy a dog ticket and to let the airlines know that your dog travels with you. In that way, you’ll prevent any uncomfortable situations to occur. Your TSA-approved dog carrier should have a specially marked flag and large ventilation holes.

can french bulldogs fly

Can French bulldogs fly under your legs?

Yes, you can place your Frenchie’s carrier under your legs. However, make sure you’ve opened the top of the bag to improve air circulation. During the trip, it’s important to listen to your pet’s breathing and check his behavior. If your dog starts to breathe heavily and shows any type of discomfort, then you should place the carrier in your lap. Try to calm your pet and let him/her drink a small amount of water.

Is your dog healthy?

You shouldn’t be worried about taking your Frenchie on a plane if he is in good health. Dogs with narrowed nostrils and any other breathing issues should not be allowed to travel. That’s why it’s extremely important to consult your vet before booking tickets.

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