Chocolate French Bulldog Puppy

Chocolate French Bulldog Puppy

Chocolate French Bulldog Puppy

Sweet as can be, the Chocolate French Bulldog is a great addition to any family. One of the great features of the Frenchie is that he’s easily adaptable to living his best life in any type of situation. Whether you live in the big city or you’re a suburban dweller, you’ll find that your Frenchie is happy anywhere he is with you.

There are so many great personality traits of this darling breed, you’re sure to enjoy every moment living with him.

The Appearance

With his characteristic erect “bat ears” the Frenchie is quickly identifiable. Unlike some breeds that have their ears cropped to get that same look, these erect ears are a natural trait for the Frenchie.

Generally speaking, he is a small dog. A full grown healthy male shouldn’t weigh more than 35lbs. His body is compact and muscular with a heavy bone structure. When you compare the Chocolate French Bulldog to smaller breeds like the Yorkie, you can get an idea as to what a petite bone structure will look like.

Your Frenchie will have an alert and curious expression, and you’ll find him always happily grinning at you when you get home.

Coat Colorations of the Chocolate French Bulldog

The chocolate and Chocolate Fawn French Bulldog are considered to be somewhat rare coat colorations. They are actually considered to be disqualifications for the AKC show ring. This doesn’t mean that your sweet pup won’t be every bit as amazing as Frenchies of other colors. Most of us don’t bring a French Bulldog into our lives so that we can enter them in the show ring. You’ll find that your Chocolate Frenchie is a great charming addition to your home, with beautifully unique colorations that’ll turn heads for all the right reasons.

Caring for your Frenchie

Feeding your Frenchie a good quality food that is appropriate to the age of your dog will provide all of the nutrients that he needs. Keep in mind that your Chocolate French Bulldog is prone to obesity. This can put him at a high risk for developing a number of health concerns. Work with your vet to monitor his nutritional intake and his weight.

The short coat of the French Bulldog only sheds minimally. Brushing him weekly will help to keep shedding at a minimum, and will help to keep his coating looking healthy and shiny. Be sure to use only pet-safe shampoos and conditioners on him.

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