diabetes in french bulldogs

Diabetes in French Bulldogs- How to Help Your Pet?

Canine diabetes is one of the most common health issues that usually affects senior French bulldogs. Diabetes in French bulldogs can be successfully kept under control by tailoring the diet and decreasing the intake of carbohydrates and glucose-rich ingredients.

diabetes in french bulldogs

What is dog diabetes?

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from 2 types of diabetes. It is an endocrine disorder that affects the ability to create enough insulin or to respond to it. 

The first type of diabetes is called insulin-deficiency diabetes. It occurs when the cells of the pancreas which are destroyed aren’t capable to create enough insulin.

The second type of diabetes occurs when a dog suffers from a hormonal imbalance. Overweight French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from this condition which is also called insulin-resistance diabetes.

diabetes in french bulldogs

What are the symptoms of diabetes in French bulldogs?

The first type of diabetes in French bulldogs is often difficult to reveal. That’s why it’s essential to observe your dog’s body language in order to discover any strange occurrence. These are the most common symptoms that occur when a dog suffers from diabetes.

  • Weakness
  • Poor coat appearance
  • The fruity smell of your French bulldog’s breath
  • Increased water consumption
  • Seizures
  • Cataracts
  • Urinating excessively
  • Rapid loss of weight
  • Having a ravenous appetite

Unfortunately, diabetes is a permanent condition in most dogs. It can occur in females during pregnancy or diestrus and can disappear if the dog is spayed after diagnosis. In other cases, diabetic Frenchie should eat a low carbohydrate diet and daily get insulin injections. Finding out that your lovely dog suffers from diabetes is definitely a heartbreaking moment. However, it doesn’t affect the dog’s lifespan if it’s treated with the right therapy. In fact, most diabetic dogs don’t even pass away from diabetes.

diabetes in french bulldogs

How to prevent your French bulldog from diabetes?

  • Don’t feed your Frenchie with fruits too often

Even though fruits are rich in vitamins, your dog shouldn’t eat them in high amounts. They not only cause gaining weight but also increase blood sugar.

  • Avoid commercial treats

Commercial treats are often high in artificial flavors and colors that are high in sugar. Instead of buying cheap French bulldog snacks, we recommend you use veggies and snacks that are free of artificial ingredients.

  • Decrease the carbohydrate ingredients

Carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels and provide your Frenchie with energy. They should definitely find the place in your French bulldog’s diet, however, your vet should prescribe you the exact percentage your dog needs.

  • Switch your dog to a raw diet

BARF diet for French bulldogs provides your pooch with healthy nutrients. Unlike dry kibble or wet canned food, the BARF diet is lower in sugar and free of artificial flavors. In fact, you’re the main chef who will be able to choose only high-quality ingredients for your pet.

  • Regular exercise is ‘a must’

To help your Frenchie lose excess carbohydrates, it’s important to provide him with daily walks. Although Frenchies are not huge fans of long strolls, they can actually help a lot in keeping the blood sugar within normal limits.

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