Distinguishing Features of Cream French Bulldogs


True cream color is often confused with fawn in French Bulldogs. The stunning color adds a divine feature to the personality of these little miniatures. However, proper research is essential before you buy a pure cream colored French bulldog. Even Google results are 95 % inaccurate as it shows pied and fawn French bulldogs when you search for cream French bulldog.  That is why I feel it is important to know the distinguishing features of cream French bulldogs.

 Cream vs. White vs. Fawn French Bulldogs

A true cream French bulldog has a slightly dull white shade. Although it is a solid color, it is slightly off white. The breed is recessive dilute of fawn breed line. The clear and shiny coat has no marking on the coat that complement perfectly black twitchy nose, eye rims, pigments, lips and paws.  Interestingly the cream French bulldog is born in pure white color, but it develops black edges on its rims and ears within 24 hours.

As cute French bulldog puppies grow, the solid cream color gets prominent with light cream edges to ears.  Cream French bulldogs never develop sharp color patterns on their body like pied or fawn. True cream color in French bulldog is not common and is very different than white.

They have darker and dusky eye rims while white or pied ones develop black spots on the nose first.   Plus, white French bulldog has pink eye rim, but there is no pink pigment and ticking in cream French bulldog.

Why You Should Prefer Cream French Bulldogs

Besides that, mask less fawns and honeycomb pied breeds are mistaken for true cream. Although there is nothing wrong with buying these French bulldog puppies as they have stunning shades, they may show some health problems.

Removal of pigment and deafness are common issues in extremely white French bulldogs.  The breed removes pigment from their ears and face, often causing deafness. This lack of pigment in the inner part of the ear prevents proper functioning of a French bulldog’s ears.

Moreover, French bulldog with unpigmented skin is susceptible to skin cancer as compared to those which have more pigment. The defect is also very common in pied breeds with blue eyes. It is a genetic defect.

Cream French Bulldog Breeders

The good news is that you will find many reputable breeders who breed true cream French bulldogs through different breeding programs. Blue Heaven French bulldog is a good choice if you are looking to buy a cute cream French bulldog puppy. They also have many cream colored French bulldogs for sale.   The breeder follows high-quality breeding standards and has a great variety of tans, blues, brindles, and whites.

They keep good quality check on French bulldogs genetic defects and responsibly breed the different breed lines.

Bottom Line

All in all, cream French bulldog puppies are simply adorable and come with all the great features you love about this breed. However, all you need to do is be a little more careful while spotting the differences among white, fawn, pied and cream colored French bulldog puppies.

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  1. Is that a true cream in the pic? My boy was sold to me as a white, but has similar colouring. Would love to know his actual colour.

    1. I’m not sure if that’s a cream or a fawn but you can get your dog genetically tested. If your in the US then I would recommend UC Davis as a proven and accurate lab but there are also many other labs that’ll do it.

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