Do French Bulldogs Sleep A Lot?

Do French Bulldogs Sleep A Lot?

What does your Frenchie’s life look like? Your dog wakes up, goes on a stroll, eats, plays with toys, and then goes to bed for another nap. Well, we bet you’re quite jealous of your furry friend’s sleeping habits. Since many dog owners bother by the question do French bulldogs sleep a lot, we decided to reveal this topic.

Do French Bulldogs Sleep A Lot?

How much do French bulldogs sleep?

Unlike humans who stay awake for most of the day, and get an average of eight hours of sleep, our French bulldogs sleep much more. Dogs fall asleep several times a day. The time they spend sleeping and resting depends on various factors: the dog’s age, health condition, and physical ability.

How much do French bulldog puppies sleep?

French bulldog puppies tend to sleep more than adult pooches. Just like human infants, puppies need sleep to help their organs and bones develop properly. Since curious and playful Frenchie puppies enjoy an inventive expedition every day, they’ll need about 18 to 20 hours of sleep to prepare for the next busy day.  As your Frenchie puppy grows and develops, it will need less sleep, and its sleep patterns will become more similar to those of adult dogs.

How much do adult French bulldogs sleep?

Neither veterinarians nor other scientists have exactly established why dogs tend to sleep so long during the day… Well, we all know that sleep is important, refreshing, and pleasant for your pet. In general, French bulldogs sleep about 14 hours a day. Just like humans, our furry friends have different sleeping requirements.

Depending on a French bulldog’s individual energy level, diet, and lifestyle, some dogs need more or less sleep. In case your furry friend is full of energy and loves to clown around, our advice is to keep it occupied with French bulldog toys.

Be careful about your dog’s teething phase

While my dog ​​was going through adolescence, I remember I used to find ruined socks and flip-flops in every corner of my house. I was desperate because I didn’t know how to teach my Frenchie not to chew on my home items.

The drop that spilled the glass was when I found my Frenchie destroyed my mattress. I talked to a behavior specialist that told me that my dog needs to go on a long stroll before I leave him home alone. That’s how I will make him pleasantly tired. He also told me to buy different dog interactive toys because pets love items that make them explore.

One of the best French bulldog toys  I bought was the Frenchie World® IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Egg. The great thing about this toy is that you can choose different levels of difficulty. It should be filled with dry kibble, so the dog stays occupied for a long time. The smell of food will trigger his attention and make the dog think about how to release treats.

What are the dog’s stages of sleep?

Our dogs go through different stages of sleep, just like humans.

Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep

The first stage includes falling asleep and entering the slow phase of sleep when the brain and heart rate start to decrease their activity. In a couple of minutes, the dog becomes completely relaxed and body temperature can also start to drop.

In case you live in the cold climate, make sure your French bulldog is covered with a blanket or that he’s wearing a cozy Frenchie pajama. Please, keep in mind that these dogs can have an issue with regulating their body temperature.

Do French Bulldogs Sleep A Lot?

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep

Ten minutes after your dog fell asleep, the REM phase (rapid eye movement) occurs. If you notice that your pet is twitching, moving its legs like he’s running, it means that he is dreaming and is in the REM phase.

Slow-wave sleep

This is a deeper stage of sleep that is characterized by a further decrease in brain activity and muscle relaxation. Slow-wave sleep is also known as deep sleep or delta sleep.

Dogs sleep more than humans, but their sleep is not as deep. The length of a dog’s sleep depends on its activity, health, and even diet. Dogs adjust their sleep patterns so that they can always be focused on their surroundings, and stay alert when something is happening. They sleep for the rest of the time.

In order to stay healthy and in good shape, your furry friend needs quality time sleeping. Therefore, choose a quality French bulldog bed depending on the season, and place it in a quiet and peaceful spot in the house.

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