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Does Your Frenchie Really Need Dog Sunglasses?

Imagine that you are traveling with your pooch and the sunlight strikes right to your dog’s eyes. It might seem weird to see a dog wearing sunglasses but in some situations, they are more than necessary. And, especially in you own a Frenchie who is already prone to a number of eye issues thanks to its protruding eyes. That’s why we wanted to relieve the question does your Frenchie really need to wear dog sunglasses.

dog sunglasses

Why do dogs need to wear sunglasses?

It might sound silly, but dog sunglasses can keep your Frenchie’s eyes safe from wind, dirt, sun rays, and environmental allergens. They don’t present only a fashion detail, but also an essential tool for protecting the dog’s eyes. We all know how annoying can be when the road debris enters our eyes. That’s why you should think of your dog too.

If you enjoy riding a bicycle or motorcycle with your dog in a backpack, then think no more! Since Frenchie are small dogs that you can carry wherever you want, I recommend you using French bulldog carriers. They can ease your adventure and make it more interesting. French bulldog backpacks are made of breathable and durable fabrics to prevent your pup from overheating. They are also carefully tailored to suit the unique Frenchie’s body physique. In Frenchie World Shop you can find a great assortment of Frenchie carriers and backpacks for your little gremlin.

Traveling with your Frenchie requires bringing some essential items to your journey and dog sunglasses are one of them. If you are planning to swim with your batpig, dog sunglasses present one of the most important items to use. Seawater may dry your dog’s eyes and cause irritations. That’s why I recommend you use them every time you allow your dog to spend time in the water. If your dog belongs to those who adore hanging his head out of the car window, doggie goggles will save him from dust and dirt.

If your Frenchie has sensitive eyes that easily become red and itchy while having a bath, dog sunglasses can save him from shampoo entering his eyes. In case you’re not sure which shampoo for a French bulldog to choose for your pet, we advise you to read our suggestions.

Wearing dog sunglasses for health reasons

Dogs who suffer from glaucoma or conjunctivitis also require wearing dog goggles. Note that glaucoma is a severe condition that is followed by blinking, redness, high eye pressure, and pain. There are two types of glaucoma in dogs- primary and secondary. High eye pressure and a dog’s genetics is the main trigger for the first type of glaucoma.

The second type usually occurs due to an eye injury, infection and something else that blocks the drainage. If left untreated, dog glaucoma can even lead to blindness.

What to look for when buying dog sunglasses for French bulldogs?

Well, it’s true that in some cases, a dog may feel weird to have something on its eye and see the world differently. And, if you want to use dog goggles only as a fashion detail, it’s only something between you and your dog. One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying this item is to search for adjustable straps. The straps will prevent your little gremlin from any kind of pressure and you can set the size as your pet grows.

dog sunglasses

Another essential feature that French bulldog sunglasses should have is UV protection. If you went on a sunny day to swim or hike, this characteristic will save your dog’s eyes.

Considering your dog’s eye size is also important. Brachycephalic breeds such as Boston terriers, Frenchies, and Pugs have big and round eyes that require wearing bigger lenses. Lens shape can affect your dog’s quality of vision, so we advise you to carefully check before you choose one. Since Frenchie World Store sells items that suit this breed, you can be sure that their dog sunglasses will fit your pet.

dog sunglasses

In case you want to buy sunglasses that will serve only as a fancy detail to your Frenchie, then I suggest you check the following Pet sunglasses. You can make an awesome photo shooting with your Frenchie wearing them.

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