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Ear Infections In French Bulldogs: Things To Know

French bulldogs are known for their bat ears. Since they’re wide opened, they’re prone to collecting dirt, allergens, and other elements. Besides, they have abnormally narrow ear canals which make them prone to ear infections. Compared to many other dog breeds, Frenchie’s ears can easily become inflamed if not cleaned often. It’s because breeders ‘produced’ dogs with narrow ear canals through selective breeding. Ear infections in French bulldogs are often caused by abnormal anatomy of their ear canals on one side and sensitivity to food allergen or environmental factors.

ear infections in french bulldogs

How to recognize ear infections in French bulldogs?

One of the first symptoms to spot in your Frenchie is excessive rubbing, itching, and wax production. Besides, a dog’s ear will be painful in touch and a dog won’t allow you to touch it. Swelling and discharge occur in the last stage when the infection is not treated in the first 2 or 3 days. The discharge will be yellow, brown, or even contain blood due to excessive itching.

How to prevent ear infections in French bulldogs?

Unlike other dog breeds who have normal ear canals, Frenchies can’t clean their ears by themselves. It means that the wax and dirt in other dog breeds goes upward, while in Frenchies it goes downward. Early and frequent cleaning is the key to preventing ear infections.

To clean your dog’s ear, you can use ear wipes and vet-approved ear rinse. We recommend you try the Spirit French Bulldog Ear Cleaner™ that relieves itchiness, removes excess ear hair, and cleans the canal. Firstly clean the ear canal with ear cleansing liquid or clean ear wipes, spread the ear powder in the ear canal, gently rub it outside the ear.

ear infections in French bulldogs

There’s nothing worse than a dirty dog ear. Not only does it look and smell bad, but it can also be really uncomfortable for your pup. That’s why we recommend you to try this product as well.
The French Bulldog Ear Cleaning Solution is easy to use – just point the spout tip into the ear canal, squeeze the bottle to release the solution, and massage the area around the ear. The gentle pressure will help to dissolve wax and debris, leaving your dog’s ears clean and healthy. Plus, thanks to its fresh scent, your pup will smell great too! French Bulldog Ear Cleaning Solution is formulated specifically for dogs who are prone to ear infections. This solution helps fight bacteria and debris to keep your furry friend’s ears healthy and itch-free.

This is a step by step advice on how to perform it:

1- Fill the French bulldog’s ear with the Ear solution. Wait for 10 sec and don’t let your dog shake the head. Try to calm him/her down with treats.
2- Take a clean cotton ball or a piece of gauze and stick it in as far as you can. You can’t hurt the dog’s ear because it’s narrow.
3- Twist the gauze and have a look at the dirt.
4- Allow your dog to shake the head and you’ll get surprised at how much dirt it will throw out. We suggest you perform the cleaning in your bathroom because it can be a quite messy procedure.

ear infections in french bulldogs

The most common reasons for ear infection in Frenchies:

Besides allergens or dirt, dogs can develop ear infections due to ear mites and yeast infections too. As we already mentioned, French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from this issue, so you have to be very careful about any unusual behavior.
Sometimes, Frenchies can cause even physical trauma to the ears due to excessive scratching. Stuff like sand and plant pieces can easily fall into the wide-opened Frenchies’ ears and cause itchiness and discomfort. That’s why it’s very important to daily inspect your little gremlin’s ears.

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