entropion in french bulldogs

Entropion In French Bulldogs: Things To Know

Who knew that the most adorable dog on earth can also be a walking vet bill? You’ll never guess what condition your pup might have. It could be entropion, which causes your Frenchie’s eyelids to roll in and makes him/her uncomfortable – or even blind! Since nothing can hurt as eyes, you have to help your pet on time because it’s the only way to prevent loss of vision.

What are the symptoms of entropion in French bulldogs?

Entropion in French bulldogs usually occurs during their first year of life. A dog with this condition will squint, tear, and try to rub the eyes with paws. Since the irritation is constant and very painful, a dog requires immediate treatment. We can describe this pain as when sand enters the eyes.

Other symptoms include:

How to solve entropion in French bulldogs?

 The entropion can be solved by performing a surgery that includes removing a section of the skin from the affected eyelid to reverse its inward rolling. In most cases, a dog will need to go through 2 surgeries. The first one includes major surgical correction, while the second one is a minor surgical correction to reduce the risk of getting back. It’s important not to do the surgery during puppyhood because the eyes and the whole dog’s face will change and develop during the first 12 months.

entropion in french bulldogs

What is the best decision for your dog?

Since in many cases a Frenchie will need to go through a removal procedure before the first year of life, you have to be ready for new surgeries in the future. However, in adult dogs, the prognosis of the surgical corrections is very good. Knowing that you Frenchie is living a pain-free life is priceless.

After your pup’s diagnosis, the vet will carefully examine your Frenchie to determine how much correction is needed. An over-correction might mean additional surgery so it’s important to get this right from start! The vet will also check out your dog’s vision by examining both corneas for damage–and if there are ulcers present. That requires treatment right away before they can lead to any more blindness than what already happened.

entropion in french bulldog

What does a surgery look like?

The first step in this procedure is to remove tissue under your dog’s eyes. The vet will also prescribe your Frenchie the antibiotic eye drops and recommend wearing an Elizabethan collar so that you don’t have to worry about his/her stitches! In case your dog feels uncomfortable wearing plastic ones, you can find those made of lined fabrics. It will be a much better option because a dog will be able to lie and have a nap.  A dog may also need to use artificial tear drops to keep the eye moisturized enough.

How long does recovery take?

There is no universal answer to this question since every dog is different. However, you’ll be able to see the improvement after 10 days, and the swelling can take 2-4 weeks to completely go away. French bulldogs who go through entropion surgery have an excellent prognosis and will be able to enjoy life without pain.

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