french bulldog and kids

French bulldog and kids-are they the perfect match?

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a dog and kids having fun together. However, we bet you’ve asked yourself at least once in a lifetime whether a dog is a kid’s best friend or safety risk. It’s a fact that dogs are animals that take a special place in human hearts. French bulldog breed is known for their gentle temperament and high tolerance. Although they may act stubborn from time to time, these round-shaped batpigs are great indoor companion animals. When we talk about French bulldog and kids, you need to know they’ll certainly become the perfect match.

french bulldog and kids playing

Does a French bulldog fit any kind of family?

The answer is -Yes! They enjoy human’s company whether we talk about adults, older or younger children. These easygoing dogs will actually be pretty happy by keeping them around people and other dogs too. Frenchies are gentle, relaxed and easygoing bunches of personalities that will constantly follow their human through the house. French bulldog and kids may get along very well, especially in the case when they grow together from an early age. In the following video, you can see how Frenchies enjoy spending time with children

french bulldog and kids

Here are the reasons why should a child grow up with a dog

  • Dogs will teach kids responsibility. They’ll have to feed them, provide them daily walks and will enjoy playing and running rather than doing homework.
  • Kids become compassionate with dogs. Dogs understand our feelings and emotions and may also start feeling sad when their human is feeling down.
  • Dogs teach kids socialization since they enjoy our attention and affection. In that way, kids will learn how to better socialize with other people.
  • Kids will learn how to act patient since dogs sometimes act like real bullies. For example, they can destroy your child’s favorite book or toy.

french bulldog and kids sitting

French bulldog and kids + unknown dog

French bulldogs love to act like protective guardians to their babies. Therefore, it means they’ll not tolerate another unknown dog around their child. Once a child steals Frenchie’s heart, you can be sure they’ll have an unbreakable bond. That’s why he’ll not accept any other dog going around their ‘territory’. The love Frenchies share with their best buddies can’t be shared with other animals.

french bulldog and kids- childDespite all the previously mentioned facts, it’s not recommended to leave a child and a dog unsupervised. If you’re the owner of an adult French bulldog and you’ve just got a new family member, it’s important to teach him socialization. Note that you also should not neglect and avoid your dog’s wish for cuddling from the moment you’ve got a child. Otherwise, he will start acting stubborn. Always try to involve him in all your family activities. Socialization is the key for every well-behaved dog. By gradually teaching your pet how to act towards kids, you can be sure they’ll become the perfect match.

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