french bulldog behavior problems

How To Solve French Bulldog Behavior Problems?

If we would ask French bulldog owners to describe their dogs’ personalities, we’re quite sure that all of them would say their pets are affectionate, friendly, and cheerful. On the other hand, the French bulldog’s personality may depend on inherited genes, training lessons, and early socialization. To escape potential French bulldog behavior problems, we recommend you read on and discover how to prevent them.

french bulldog behavior problems

What are the most common French bulldog behavior problems?

French bulldogs easily adapt to different environments and families. That’s why they proudly take the position of the most popular dogs for apartment-living conditions. Aside from these features, these little gremlins are prone to different behavior problems such as clinginess, separation anxiety, destructive chewing, and stubbornness.

Why does your Frenchie act clingy?

Does your Frenchie constantly follow you through the house even when you go to the toilet? Well, it’s because these batpigs belong to companion dog breeds. They’ve been bred to work for their owners and follow them wherever they go, so this is expected behavior. To prevent your dog from being clingy, we recommend you set the boundaries from the beginning. You have to teach your pet that you deserve to have your own time for rest, chill, and coffee.

Living with a Velcro dog can be really exhausting but it’s also important to make a distinction between clinginess and separation anxiety. Note that clingy behavior in French bulldogs can often lead to separation anxiety which will be a more serious problem for both of you.

Therefore, teach your dog to spend time alone in his crate with toys. Reward his obedience with treats and keep his mind occupied with interactive French bulldog toys that will improve his intelligence. Our recommendation is to check the following Interactive Chewing Treat Toy. It’s made of rubber and you can fill it with dry kibble treats to occupy your pet’s attention.

french bulldog toy

Destructive chewing in French bulldogs

Chewing due to boredom can also be one of the French bulldog behavior problems. French bulldogs enjoy the owner’s companion, so when they spend time alone, they can become prone to destructive chewing. To help your pet spend the pent-up energy, it would be best to take him outside for a walk before you have to leave the house. In that way, your batpig will become pleasantly tired and will be less prone to making trouble at home.

Stubbornness in French bulldogs

Frenchies might be one of the best family dogs, but they’re also one of the most stubborn ones. Although they’re quite intelligent, Frenchies want to get the right motivation for performing certain training lessons. In most cases, it’s the food. Therefore, next time you’re planning to train your Frenchie, make sure you motivate him with a lot of snacks and praise words.

Separation anxiety in French bulldogs

Separation anxiety can turn out to become your worst nightmare if you own a Frenchie. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most common disorders in this breed. If your dog seems over-attached to you, then it would definitely be a problem to leave him home alone. Dogs who got used to spending plenty of time with their owners will be on a higher tendency to suffer from separation anxiety. And, if you leave it untreated, this condition can become very severe and even lead to self-harm in your pet. The most common symptoms of this disorder are:

  • Constant whining, barking, and howling during the owner’s absence
  • Chewing on home items
  • Loss of appetite
  • Shivering and trembling
  • Trying to escape to find the owner
  • Constant paw licking
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Wandering through the house

To discover if your pet suffers from SAD, you can set the wi-fi camera at your home, or check with your neighbors whether they hear constant barking or howling while you’re out.

The following Wifi Automatic Dog Feeder with Camera allows you to feed your pet, monitor his behavior, and give commands with your recorded voice. You only need to download an app for your smartphone, and you’ll be able to call your dog whenever you want. You can hear and see him, and the dog can hear you too. In other words, you’ll be able to watch his behavior while being alone.

french bulldog behavior problems

In case you’re suspecting that your furry friend suffers from separation anxiety, consulting your vet or behavior specialist should be the first step. Do not ignore the mild symptoms of anxiety, because they can quickly turn out to become severe.

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