French Bulldog Boxer Mix

With very similar features, the Frenchie and the Boxer come together to create a mixed pup that is all at once goofy, sweet, and loyal to his humans. The boxer is often mistakenly thought of as being an aggressive breed of dog, but this is typically just because of the way that they look.

The appearance of the French Bulldog Boxer mix

Each of the dogs in this mixed breed have short-length coats with coarse hair that’s easy to maintain. Their coat patterns could range from solid tan, to brindle to tan and white, to black, to almost anything in between.

A healthy male boxer should weigh between 60 and 71lbs, whereas the healthy female should weigh between 55 and 71lbs. This is not a petite dog breed, and is in fact very muscular, particularly across the chest. Standing at up to 25 inches at the shoulder, this is also a tall long-legged dog. Combined with the maximum healthy weight of the Frenchie at 24lbs, you may find that your Frenchie Boxer mix averages a healthy maximum weight of 35-45lbs.

The reality is that you’re going to have a dog with a lot of strength in his chest, and a dog who will be a pain to walk on a leash if you don’t get him leash trained quickly when you first bring him home.

The personality of the Frenchie Boxer mix

Boxers are affectionate and often considered to be big goofballs with their family members. Their high energy levels can prove to be problematic to owners who may not be able to devote the time needed to take their dogs on walks at least once a day. Your mixed breed dog is also going to display moderate to high levels of energy that can be dispelled with a walk or by playing with him once you get home from work.

You’ll find that this is a dog mix that is happy to spend time with his family members, and gets along well with other people in your social circle. He’ll get along well with other dogs at the dog park, and won’t typically be the one to instigate fights with other dogs. Your dog is going to be more of an affectionate lover than a fighter.

Training your French Bulldog Boxer mix

Training every dog properly is an essential part of ensuring that you have a great relationship with your dog. This holds true particularly for dogs that are as intelligent as the Boxer and the Frenchie are. Bored dogs can quickly turn into barking dogs or destructive dogs. One of your first training must-dos should be ensuring that your dog walks well on a leash and that he responds well to your commands when you are out on a walk. This is a dog that is going to have a lot of strength in his chest, and if he pulls on the leash you’ll find that you’re constantly struggling with him to get him to walk to heel properly.

Working with a good and patient trainer will help you and your French Bulldog Boxer mix learn how to best walk together, and will also ensure that you live your best life with this great addition to your family.

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