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French Bulldog Clothes-how to choose the best one?

As a French bulldog owner, you’ve probably familiar with Frenchie’s need for wearing clothes. There are many reasons for it, since they have a single thin coat, and are prone to overheating, hypothermia and allergies. French bulldog clothes can help your dog not only to stay warm or safe from environmental allergens, but also for fashion purposes.

How to choose French bulldog clothes?

When buying clothes for your pooch, you need to take into account their unique body proportions and narrow hips. They are short, muscular, and have large and square heads that present a problem in dressing up. In other words, their heads make them difficult to adapt to other dog clothes. These beautiful dogs, in general, usually weight about 25 pounds and have a height of 12 inches. French bulldog clothes are essential for many reasons. It provides your pooch not only health but also comfort at the same time. Unfortunately, many people think that buying dog clothes is money wasting. However, they’re wrong.  French bulldogs are not like other dog breeds. They especially need it in cold and wet weather conditions.

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What to look for when you’re buying French bulldog clothes? 


When you’re the first time buying a wardrobe for your Frenchie, we advise you always to choose high-quality materials. In case your doggie suffers from environmental allergies like dust and pollen, we recommend you to buy him cotton clothes. It can be one of the solutions for keeping his fur allergen-free. You can easily wash it in your machine to make sure you’ve removed all adverse allergens.

Another essential part presents measuring your batpig’s body parts. Measure around your dog’s head and neck to make sure if the clothes fit properly. Pay attention to his belly volume and the length of his back as well.

french bulldog clothes

Rainy weather conditions

For rainy weather conditions, it’s advisable to have the appropriate rainy waterproof and windproof dog jacket. It will not only protect his fur from the rain but will also prevent your pooch from catching a cold. The following product is made of polyester and cotton and has a water-resistant outer layer and soft and warm inner layer. It’s also highly durable and machine washable.

french bulldog clothes


Protect your Frenchie’s paws

Dog boots are preferable for winter weather conditions. Road salt, sharp surfaces, snow, and ice may easy hurt your French bulldog’s paws. Therefore, wearing waterproof dog boots may present a great solution.

Do not forget about wearing comfy dog socks in hot weather conditions as well! Hot pavements present danger to sensitive dog’s paws skin since it can make burns. Therefore, it’s desirable to protect those tiny body parts on time. Dog paws are one of the essential parts of dogs’ bodies. Dog socks also provide traction when navigating slick surfaces, such as tile and hardwood floors. They’re especially suitable for senior dogs suffering from arthritis.

For dogs with paw infection or pododermatitis, socks present the first aid in healing foot wounds. Wearing socks prevents them from licking and irritating the injury further.

French bulldog jacket for the snow weather condition

Different dog vests present a good fit for almost every dog breed (well, except in case you own some mountain dog breed with a thick coat). The following dog jacket is durable, waterproof, windproof, and easy to put on and off. For those chilly weather days when your dog needs a little extra insulation, this Winter hooded jacket presents a perfect solution.

Don’t forget on your Frenchie’s tendency to overheating


Besides buying warm and thick French bulldog clothes, you also need to pay attention on how to prevent your batpig from overheating. Therefore, we found this summer cooling vest to keep your French bulldog safe in hot weather. You need to soak it into the water, twist and shake for a few times before you dress your Frenchie. This amazing product can decrease your furry friend’s temperature in a minute.

french bulldog clothes

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