The Best French Bulldog Clothing For The Summer Season

Widely known for their unique beauty and outstanding personality, Frenchies take a high 4th position in homes all over the USA. Aside from these features, French bulldogs require wearing clothes throughout the year. Since finding the right French bulldog clothing is difficult due to their stout bodies, we’ve decided to introduce you to the best clothes for Frenchies you’ll ever find on the market.

French bulldog clothing- the cutest picks for your little gremlin

People need to know that buying clothes for a French bulldog is an over needed requirement. It’s not just a matter of fashion but also a matter of their health. French bulldogs have a thin and one-layered coat that can’t keep them enough warm during the winter months.

On the other hand, they also have brachycephalic skulls with restricted airflow which is the ‘culprit’ for their inability to warm up or cool off the air they breathe in. Therefore, you gotta have the solution for making these pooches both stylish and safe from different weather conditions. The Frenchie World store is specialized for selling unique and quality French Bulldog clothing. All the pieces have been tried on Frenchies to ensure that they’ll perfectly fit their unique body proportions and needs. Since the summer is approaching, we’ve selected the cutest picks for your four-legged friend.

Aloha French Bulldog Shirt

Inspired by the summer vibes and Hawaiian spirit, this Aloha French Bulldog Shirt represents an awesome pick for the summer season. Your dog will have a fancy outfit for special occasions when you want to make him spotted. This French bulldog shirt features a cotton fabric and an elegant cut that brings a splendid outfit.

french bulldog clothing

French Bulldog Mesh Summer Cooling Vest

When we talk about keeping a French bulldog safe in the summer, it’s important to choose a vest that provides a cooling effect. This piece of French bulldog clothing is made of breathable mesh that should be worn wet. Soak the vest in the cold water, twist it dry and dress your Frenchie. As your pup walks, the vest will start to dry by keeping him safe from the sun. The vest comes in a practical plastic package that resembles a bottle. Therefore, you can place it in the fridge an hour before you go for a walk to get a better effect.

french bulldog clothing

Mud Splash dog tank shirt

For chilly summer days and nights, we’ve prepared this Mud splash dog tank shirt. Made of breathable and lightweight cotton, it will make your pet safe from UV rays and different allergens. Emblazoned with colorful splashed of mud, this piece of French bulldog clothing ill make your dog spotted and cute on different occasions.

french bulldog clothing

Frenchie World Hawaiian Shirt

Allow your dog to say Aloha with a style by wearing this Frenchie World Hawaiian Shirt. It is available in 4 patterns and features a high cut on the belly and breathable cotton fabric. Since it’s lightweight, your pet will not feel warm while wearing it, and will provide essential protection against sun rays.

french bulldog clothing

Summer Cooling Vest

Another pick of an essential French bulldog clothing that your furry friend gotta have in his closet is the following Summer Cooling Vest. Made of a special heat-resistant fabric, this summer pick serves to regulate a dog’s temperature in the summer. Your Frenchie should wear it wet and as it starts to dry, you need to take the vest off, shake it for a few times and then dress your dog again. It is available in 2 colors and comes in a practical plastic package.

french bulldog clothing

Transparent Mesh French Bulldog Summer Vest

This transparent pick of French bulldog clothing serves to make your dog protected from the sun rays. It’s breathable, and so thin, that your dog will even not have the feeling that it wears it. Since Frenchies have a thin layer of hair, their skin may develop sunburns and sun irritations if they come in contact with direct sun.

french bulldog clothing

French Bulldog Life Swimming Vest

Here we come to the most important part of keeping a Frenchie safe during the summer. Since we can’t imagine the warmest part of the year without a few splashes here and there, your dog needs wearing a French bulldog life jacket. Life swimming vests are padded with floating panels which serve to keep your dog floating while spending time in the water.

The following French bulldog life jacket features two reflective straps on the back and safety and adjustable belts. They go around a dog’s belly and can be customized to fit a dog well. The swimming life jacket also comes with a practical handle that allows you to save your pet from unplanned situations. The mesh fabric on the belly serves to improve ventilation. There is also a D ring on the back that allows you to hook the leash.

french bulldog clothing

Solid Dog Polo by Frenchie World®

Polo T-shirts never go out of style. Your dog can wear them on any occasion because they bring a dose of elegance and casual style too. The following pick is available in so many colors, so you’ll surely have a hard time choosing. It’s lightweight, and made of 100 % cotton.

frenchie shirt

Waistpack Striped Summer Frenchie T-shirt

Another pick that you’ll love to see on your Frenchie this summer is the Tee with a cute waist pack. The waistpack can be used to carry your dog’s potty bags, or just as a fancy accessorize. This Frenchie T-shirt is made of cotton and serves to protect your pet from the sun. Since it’s thin, and breathable, your batpig will have a ‘naked’ feeling while wearing it.

Palm Trees Hawaiian French Bulldog Shirt

If you can’t go to Hawaii, then you can bring the vibes to your place! This Palm Trees Hawaiian shirt is embellished with adorable summer patterns. Your dog will look cute as cake while wearing it and it’s an ideal pick for showing around while spending time on the beach.

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