French Bulldog Colors

Incredible disposition, unparallel companionship and serious yet cute face, are not the only features of French bulldog that entice you. Their wide variety of colors and beautiful patterns are what makes them most popular breed among people (including me).  All colors and patterns are unique so when it comes to deciding which color you should go for, you may get confused.

However, no matter what your preferences are, I can help you find the perfect puppy for you.  Thanks to my breeder who generously showed me an extensive range of colorful French bulldog puppies when I bought my Frenchie.

It is possible that you may get confused with given AKC standard of French bulldog puppies color.  Reading about them from Wikipedia is more helpful.  The Frenchie community defies colors subjectively with their own description.

In case you have read AKC color standards and found the details of acceptable colors confusing, here is a summary of all colors.

Blue Brindle:

This French bulldog comes with dark colored coat often mixed with different light color hair strands.  This is included in one of the dominant colors of French bulldog.

Fawn Bulldog:

This tiny wrinkled canine has a tan colored coat that may vary between dark reddish to light tan. Most fawn French bulldogs have darker ears and face masks. Plus, you may find some shine brindle streaks on their coats.

Blue Fawn French bulldog:

The breed has some amazing striking color variations and commonly described as a ‘blue Heaven French dog’ because of its light tan color, which is based with bluish tinge pads, and mask. It has bluish grey shadings on its coat.

Blue Moon French Bulldog:

This is the rare combination you would greatly admire if you are fortunate enough to find it.  Blue moon French bulldog color is not easily available, and it is completely covered with a shiny blue coat. You may find it surprising that this Blue moon color is caused by’ Dilution Alopecia’ which is a genetic disorder.

Cream French bulldog:

These cute wrinkled puppies are diluted fawn as their coat is a combination of a creamy eggshell color.

Chocolate Brindle French bulldog:

It is hard not fall in love with this divine combination of light milk-ish chocolate brown color. From their nails to noses, you will find everything chocolaty, except their light blue eyes.

Blue Pied French Bulldogs:

This is one of the most popular breeds and is available with very few breeders. Pied refers to ‘Rolls Royc’ in French bulldog color and unique patterns. The solid patterns have the perfect combination of cream, brindle and fawn colors. Plus, they have well-placed symmetrical markings on their coats.

Blue Grey French Bulldog:

With their unique color coat, blue grey French bulldog seems like magical puppies. It is the rare genetic breed with grayish blue color coat that they got because of some recessive and diluted genes. Because of this genetic variance, the coat becomes faded blue.

Bottom line

Overall, no matter what color you like to buy when choosing a French bulldog, they all come with that same liveliness and tenderness that make them a unique breed.

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