French Bulldog Corgi Mix


The Corgi is often recognized as being one of the favorite dog breeds of the Queen of England. But this compact little dog with short legs has so much more that it should be recognized for. They are smart, stubborn, funny, friendly, playful, and incredibly intelligent. When bred with the Frenchie the result is a French Bulldog Corgi mix that offers all of the positive attributes of both breeds.

The appearance of the French Bulldog Corgi mix

A healthy male Corgi should weigh between 23 and 31lbs. A healthy female Corgi should weigh between 22 and 29lbs. They are small but compact dogs that can often have high levels of energy, despite what their stubby-legged appearance might otherwise indicate. The standard height for the Corgi is typically no taller than 12 inches at his shoulder. When you combine that with the very similar weight and height of the French Bulldog, you are likely to get a mixed pup that weighs very close to what either one of the two breeds does.

The short-legged stature of the Corgi is one of the traits most often passed down to the puppies resulting from a cross-breeding. Your French Bulldog Corgi mix could very well have the typical short legs of his Corgi heritage, or perhaps legs that are just a little bit longer and are a combination of the two.

The coats of the mixed breed pups can be found in the same colors and patterns as is seen in either of the breeds. Brindle, tan, white, or anything in between could be seen. The coat itself might be lean a little more toward being soft and smooth versus short and smooth.

The personality of the Frenchie Corgi mix

The Corgi has been bred to be a herding dog. With this in mind, consider that your French Bulldog Corgi mix could be high energy. While the Frenchie can also be a little bit energetic, when you combine the two you have the potential for a dog that needs to be walked twice a day, and needs to be played with quite a bit during the day in order to keep him healthy and free from being bored.

Corgis can be prone to a little bit of stubbornness, but this trait is quickly overshadowed by the sweet playfulness that both breeds will bring with each pup. Your Frenchie Corgi mix is a dog that will get along with everyone, love everyone he meets, and will prove to be ultra-loyal to every member of his family.

Training your mixed pup

Training is one of the most important things that you can do for any dog. A well-trained dog is one that is not going to display those behavioral traits that cause frustration for their humans. Working with a dog trainer, attending puppy socialization classes, and of course ensuring that your dog gets plenty of positive reinforcement and affection will result in a dog that trusts you, and listens to you.

Consistency is key with the training of any dog, and you’ll find that your French Bulldog Corgi mix thrives off of a schedule and consistent training. He’s sure to prove to be a wonderful companion for every member of the family.

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  1. Michelle Lambert

    Hello, my names Michelle Lambert and Im very interested in the one in this picture. I already have a Corgi~Pit mix female, at the moment my 13 year old daughter has her. We’ve had her for about 5 years now. She was our neighbors dog. One day we had our door open and she wondered in our house and we instantly fell in love with her. When we first got her, they named her Pretty, but soon as she was ALL our we changed her name just a little, to Purdy. Now that I don’t have a dog~companion, I’m looking for another dog like the one I have now. If possible, can you contact me back I will really appreciate it.
    Michelle Lambert

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