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French Bulldog Dry Nose- This Can Help!

French bulldog dry nose is one of the most common issues that occur during the colder months. Just like human’s skin gets dry in the winter, so does your dog’s nose develops tiny crusts. Read on and discover how to protect your French bulldog’s nose from the cold, and what are the best products to use.

French bulldog dry nose- the most common reasons

As we already mentioned, harsh weather conditions such as wind and cold can be the main culprits for a dog’s dry nose. Besides the changes in weather, nasal hyperkeratosis can be another reason for developing ugly-looking dry crusts that can become flaky Even though it looks like a painful condition, it’s actually pretty benign. However, it should be treated on time, because it can only get worse and grow into an infection. And, you have to admit that your Frenchie’s nose plays an important role in discovering the world. Since these cute gremlins have flat skulls, they are on a higher tendency to suffer from this health issue. They can’t reach the high-set nose with the tongue, so it doesn’t get enough moisture.

Hyperkeratosis in French bulldogs occurs due to an overproduction of keratin. This protein is found in hair, claws, and nails, and the French bulldog dry nose syndrome can be caused by a down of a certain protein. A dry nose in Frenchies requires a vet visit, and can also be treated at home with different nose balms.

Other reasons that trigger the French bulldog dry nose syndrome are:

  • allergies
  • hot weather
  • cold weather
  • dehydration
  • medical conditions

Allergies in French bulldogs can occur due to environmental allergens such as pollen, dust, mites, and mold. The dog’s nose becomes dry when it comes in contact with the trigger because a dog will try to remove the allergen from it. The nose can also become itchy or even swollen, so this is another precaution to pay attention.

french bulldog dry nose

When we talk about hot weather and exposure to the sun, a Frenchie’s nose can get sunburns and develop painful crusts. That’s why it’s important to use sunscreen products that will be free of fragrance and safe for babies (in this case- your dog).

Dehydration plays an important role in maintaining an optimal balance of body fluids. Therefore, if you live in warm climates, we recommend you to make sure your frenchie drinks plenty of water during the day.

Several medical conditions can be the reason for your French bulldog dry nose. That’s why it’s important to visit a vet and answer the questions he will ask you about your dog’s health and habits.

What to use for A French bulldog dry nose?

When we talk about natural remedies, Coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil are some of the best for treating this issue. However, you have to admit that we live fast lives, so we all want to find a product that will feature a mix of powerful ingredients.

french bulldog dry nose

Our suggestion is to try the following French Bulldog Nose Moisturizer. It features organic ingredients that soothe the gentle nose skin and dark tear marks. For maximum treatment, we recommend you to use it twice a week. It helps in dealing with boring and ugly-looking nose hyperkeratosis. Therefore, it’s one more reason why to use it throughout the year.

Dry and cracked nose pores will become moist, shiny, and fresh. In the first week of treatment, the crusts will start to fall out. In the second week, the inner layer will get the over-needed vitamins and will become refreshed. In the third week, your French bulldog’s nose will become healed and the crusts will completely fall out.

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