How To Discover and Treat French Bulldog Ear Mites?

French bulldogs might have adorable pointy ears, but they’re also susceptible to nasty microorganisms and different ear infections. Due to these reasons, their owners need to pay special attention to their ear care. Besides regular cleaning, you should also daily check if plant pieces and dirt have entered their ears. French bulldog ear mites are one of those conditions that are highly contagious among dogs, and it has to be treated from the moment you notice the first symptoms on your Frenchie.

french bulldog ear mites

How to spot French bulldog ear mites?

Ear mites are parasites that are similar to fleas and ticks. They can be found in cats, ferrets, rabbits, and dogs. They’re also highly contagious, and animals can become infected by direct contact with another animal.

Mites feed on wax and oils in your Frenchie’s ears. They are followed by uncontrollable scratching that can cause mechanical damage to the ear which can be difficult to heal.

What are the symptoms of French bulldog ear mites?

The first symptom of French bulldog ear mites is scratching. Besides, there could be dark and brown discharge that is often composed of dried blood that looks like coffee grounds. A Frenchie with ear mites can scratch severely and even develop wounds that will grow into an infection. In case of heavy infestation, ear mites can spread and invade other parts of your Frenchie’s body too.

How to treat French bulldog ear mites?

Early treatment is highly recommended because these parasites can grow fast. Since they are highly contagious, you need to know that your Frenchie has picked them from another animal from his vicinity. Even though mites can spread to humans, it happens very rarely.

The first thing you need to do if you’ve noticed that your Frenchie scratches his ears severely is to visit a vet. Your vet will take the swab and examine the discharge from your French bulldog’s ear. Ear mites can also be spotted with the aid of an otoscope.

What products can help?

The next step will be ear cleaning. Your vet will apply an ear solution that is approved for treating ear mites in dogs. Those products usually contain imidacloprid or selamectin that is known to kill parasites. Other products that can help in keeping your dog’s ears clean are the following French bulldog Ear Cleaning Solution and Spirit French bulldog Ear Cleaner.

The solution features natural ingredients that protect ears from bacteria and other threats that can ruin the health of your Frenchie’s ears. It’s recommended to use it once a week by gently pointing the spout tip into the ear canal. Squeeze the bottle to release enough solution and gently massage the area around the dog’s ear. By massaging the ear base, you’ll help the wax and debris to dissolve.

french bulldog ear mites

Spirit French bulldog ear cleaner is a powder that can provide a sort of protection to a dog’s ears. It prevents itching, otitis, and deafness, and removes excessive ear hair. To use this powder, you should first clean the ears with a solution and then spread the ear powder in the canal. Both products can be used once a week, and in the meantime, it’s advisable to check your dog’s ears for stuck dirt, sand, and plant pieces.

french bulldog ear mites

The best natural remedy that will help your Frenchie’s ears stay healthy and clean is Olive oil. You can apply Extra Virgine Olive oil on a cotton swab and gently clean the outer ear and the canal. It’s a completely safe ingredient that helps in maintaining the dog’s ears healthy and infection-free.

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