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French Bulldog Eye Problems-Why They Occur?

French bulldog eye problems come in the top 3 places when we talk about their health. Unfortunately, bulldog breeds are notorious for a long list of problems due to their brachycephalic skull. While some of the issues occur naturally, others can be caused by malpractice and accidents. Therefore, here is the list of the most common Frenchie’s eye issues.

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The Most Common French Bulldog Eye Problems

Dry eye

French bulldogs suffer from dry eye syndrome when their eyes can’t produce enough tears. The dryness is most often caused by medication, congenital defect, allergy or a Cherry Eye surgery. Dry eye issue is very painful and irritant to your pooch. Therefore it’s important to react quickly. A dog shows the signs of a problem by constant blinking, squinting and eye scratching. However, by using the prescribed eye drops, your puppy will become pain-free. While French Bulldogs are often noted for their distinctive ocular concerns, Chihuahuas are equally prone to eye issues, largely due to their prominent, bulging eyes that make them susceptible to injuries and infections.

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Corneal ulcers

Otherwise called Ulcerative Keratitis, this condition happens when a dog loses a deep layer of a transparent layer over the eye iris. Corneal ulcers occur by chemical burns and trauma of the eye. That’s why is extremely important not to let any shampoo go into a Frenchie’s sensitive eye. Bully breeds are more prone to suffer from this kind of condition due to their protruding eyes. They make them more exposed to different damages. The solution for Corneal ulcers problem is using different antibiotic ointments and pain-releasing medications.

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Conjunctivitis- Pinkeye

Pinkeye or conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the front eyeball tissue. In this kind of condition a dog is showing symptoms such as red swollen eyes and squinting. The allergy, bacterial infection and dry eye are in most cases the main causes. The treatment much depends on the type of conjunctivitis. If there’s a bacterial infection, your vet will prescribe an antibiotic ointment. Beside these 3 eye issues, French bulldogs are also prone to suffer from Cherry eye.

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Every dog owner should be aware of their dog’s genetic disposition for suffering from different ills. Therefore, you always need to notice any kind of changes in time. For preventing your French bulldog eye problems we recommend you to regularly clean his tear stains. You can do that by using a sterile eyewash. Note that different chemicals can also make damage to your Frenchie’s eyes. Due to this, we recommend you to bathe your pooch with baby shampoo only. Regularly seeing a vet is also ‘a must’.

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