french bulldog grooming

French bulldog grooming demands

Often described as round-shaped ‘batpigs’, the lovely French bulldog breed is considered for the best apartment dog in the World. This muscular and powerful dog doesn’t shed much. However, when we talk about French bulldog grooming demands, they certainly require regular bathing and grooming.

french bulldog grooming

French bulldog grooming-how often do they need it?

Every healthy French bulldog needs to have a short, smooth and silky coat. The coat presents the reflection of its overall health. It’s advisable to brush your Frenchie’s fur once a week because in that way you’ll release all the needless and dead hair.  Regular grooming your French bulldog’s coat will also help in solving its allergy issues. Note that this dog breed is more prone to get an allergy from different environmental allergens such as dust and chemicals. However, there’s no prescribed rule for French bulldog grooming. You’re the only person who should feel when is the right time for brushing. The frequency mostly depends on the dog. While some dogs don’t shed much, the others require brushing every few days.

french bulldog grooming

French bulldog bathing- how often do they need it?

When we talk about Frenchies’ bathing demands, it’s recommended to do that according to their lifestyle. If your furry friend loves to roll in the grass and acts a little bit piggy, it’s impossible to bathe it once a month. While one will tell you to do that a few times a year, the others think it should be once a week. However, there’s no general rule for all Frenchies. In the end, the owner knows best his dog’s needs and how dirty and smelly it gets. For bathing French bulldog breed, it’s always good to use a hypo-allergenic shampoo. They have a very sensitive skin that can’t stand heavy perfumes and parabens. For keeping its coat shiny and healthy, you may use a coconut and castor oils in a spray. Spray your dog’s clean coat with these oils at least once a month before using a high-velocity hair dryer.

french bulldog grooming

French bulldog grooming tools

If you’re the owner of this gorgeous breed and want to keep your dog’s coat healthy, some of these tools can help a lot:

  • Zoom Groom is a pet brush that is great both for outside use or while you’re bathing your Frenchie. It’s awesome for getting rid of loose hair and pet dander.
  • Grooming glove is a perfect product not only for grooming, and bathing but also for massaging your four-legged fellow.
  • Zinc ointment leaves a relieving effect on irritated skin and helps in solving your Frenchie’s skin fold issue.

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