french bulldog harness or collar

French Bulldog Harness or Collar-which one is better?

Dog owners often have a dilemma whether they should choose a harness or collar for their dog. Since both products have differences, you need to discover all the pros and cons before making a final decision. In deciding which French bulldog harness or collar to choose, here’s something you need to know.

french bulldog harness or collar

It’s all because of their heads…

Since we all know Frenchies are a brachycephalic dog breed, they have potentials for suffering from breathing issues. That’s why is important to observe your Frenchie’s age, habits, and health when picking a French bulldog harness or collar. On one hand, they’ll not like the idea of wearing a collar, but you also know that’s an important wearing detail. When we say detail, we don’t think on wearing a collar for fashion purposes. We think on leaving some important info on your dog’s neck such as his/her name and your phone number.

What to do if your dog doesn’t like a choke feeling that collar provides?  How to find a solution if he also doesn’t feel comfortable wearing a harness?

french bulldog harness or collar .

Should I choose a French bulldog harness or collar?

According to the opinions of hundreds of Frenchie owners and breeders, the answer is that you should choose both of them. So what does it mean? It means that your French bulldog should use a collar only when going for a walk for keeping his/her ID tag. Every dog should wear a collar in case of escape.  On the other hand, these wonderful dogs may experience many benefits from wearing a harness. A harness doesn’t provide them with an unpleasant choke-like feeling and gives better support to their compact-built bodies.

What to consider when choosing a harness or collar for a Frenchie?

It’s undeniable fact that you want to find a French bulldog harness or collar that will last for many years. That’s why  we picked the best offers we found on Amazon. The first thing to consider is the durability of a fabric. For breeds with short hair like Frenchies are, it would be great to choose a padded harness. Padded harnesses prevent a dog from skin irritations and encourage him/her to go for a stroll more often.

To make sure that the harness or collar for a Frenchie fits your dog properly our advice is to measure the dog’s neck (and chest) before buying. Especially for young dogs that quickly grow is recommended to choose a bigger size.

The following harness is made of highly-durable fabric and will not stitch your dog’s chest while wearing. It provides no chocking or coughing and minimal pulling. A special highlight is put on its lightweight and waterproof designs. The harness is available in a wide range of colors and presents a good value for money.

Using a collar with a leash is certainly not a good idea in case your French bulldog likes to pull and jump when going for a walk. In that way, your pooch can get neck injuries. Using a collar can also make training more difficult because you’ll not have total control of your dog. Brachycephalic dog breeds, by having pressure around the neck can increase the intraocular pressure of the eye leading to eye damage or worsening of previous eye disease, like glaucoma. On the other hand, wearing collars is prescribed by law and essential to carry a dog’s ID tag.

The best collar for the French bulldog breed

The following Frenchie collar contains a premium polished aluminum exterior and stainless steel pin and spring to ensure a strong and secure lock. The heavy welded D-ring is essential for attaching leashes, and a dog’s ID tag. According to the thousands of customers’ opinions, this collar confirms its durability, while the metal buckle is easy to use.

french bulldog harness or collar

Another great pick of a Frenchie collar with great customers’ reviews comes with a custom engraved dog’s name and the owner’s phone number. It is surely one of the best option when a dog accidentally run away. It is avaiable in a wide range of colors, while the suede leather will prevent your little gremlin from irritations.

In case you are searching for a stylish leash and collar set for your furry batbig, then you might like this Aring pet luxurious set. The customers like the design and pastel colors. Their first impression when they opened a luxury box was that this seller cares about his customers.  The collar is velvet on the outside but it also has a stronger material on the inside. It is super soft and durable at the same time. The matching leash comes with a high-quality hook.

To make your pup looking more festive this holiday season, we found this Christmas-inspired dog collar. It comes in so many cute designs and will surely put you in a dilemma about which one to choose. It’s made of high-density polyester webbing and rose gold hardware. The buckles are made of eco-friendly plastic. A bowtie is attached to the collar for dressing up and it can be taken off easily.


For all French bulldogs that suffer from environmental allergies, we’ve found this Soft Touch Luxury Collar made of real leather. It looks elegant and will perfectly suit a senior Frenchie that knows to obediently walk on the leash. The customers are thrilled by its quality and the affordable price. The inside of collar is softly padded with sheepskin leather. As dog lovers themselves, they designed this dog collar with your dog’s comfort in mind..

The best harnesses for the French bulldog breed

Harnesses are an especially good fit for training puppies. By using a harness, you don’t make a risk of increasing the dog’s eye pressure. For the dog with shortened nostrils, who may already have issues with breathing, using a harness doesn’t restrict airflow.

Harnesses also present a better option for puppies that haven’t been trained to walk on the leash. They keep their hips and spines in a proper position and prevent them from injuries.

We all know that first-time pooches may feel uncomfortable when they’re first time wearing harnesses. Therefore, when you’re introducing the Frenchie with it, it’s advisable to reward him with the praise and treats. Another note to consider is to allow your little gremlin to wear it around the house for a while. In that way, he’ll become familiar with this new experience. According to the customers’ opinions, the following French bulldog harness is sturdy and appears to be made of quality materials. It prevents a dog from pulling without making him unpleasant to wear.

Voyager dog harness is great to wear during summertime because it’s made of a breathable mesh. Since French bulldog breed is on a higher tendency to suffer from a heatstroke, this is only one more fact to consider. This harness comes is many colors and sizes and will shape according to your dog’s body. By considering all the previously mentioned facts, we need to mention that it’s a good value for money.

Reflective dog harness

Reflective dog harnesses serve to keep the puppy safe during night strolls. The following NoxGear dog harness is suitable both for small and large dog breeds. It’s easy to use, slips over the head and secure. Unlike other LED collars and harnesses, patented electronics maintain steady brightness from start to finish – up to 12 hours of battery life.

Dogs that suffer from arthritis often require wearing dog harnesses. The Chai’s Choice harness helps dogs to ease the issues with mobility by providing full-body support. Since it has a handle, you’ll be able to help your dog to climb the stairs. Safety features include nylon webbing with 3M reflective material for good visibility at night and sturdy handle for looping seat belt to secure your dog while riding in your car.

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