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French Bulldog Hoodies- 10 Best Picks So Far

Winter is soon about to begin, and that’s why you need to think about how to keep your Frenchie warm. Since they have brachycephalic skulls and short coats, they are on a higher tendency to catch a cold. Other features that make them prone to hypothermia are their short legs. Since their bellies are close to the ground, Frenchies need to wear protective clothing in cold weather. These ten best French bulldog hoodies are specially tailored to suit the French bulldog breed and to keep them warm this winter season!

Top Ten French bulldog hoodies for the season 2019/20.

We are sure that every dog owner who wants only the best for his/her dog. Since we care for these little gremlins, we’ve selected the list of the best French bulldog hoodies. When buying clothes for Frenchies, you don’t have to search only for trendy pieces of clothes. Unlike other dog breeds, these batpigs have uniquely-shaped bodies that can’t fit into any type of dog clothes. They have thick necks, short, and compact bodies that require specially-tailored clothes.

French Bulldog Paw-Tex Hoodie

In one of our previous articles, we wrote about how to protect French bulldog paws during winter. However, besides protecting their paws, we need to keep their body temperature in optimal ranges. The best way to do that is to dress them in French bulldog hoodies and jackets.

The following French bulldog hoodie can be worn outside in cozy spring and autumn evenings, while in winter, your Frenchie can wear it under the jacket. The hoodie is unisex, and it’s made of a cotton blend of fabrics to keep your pup warm.

Leopard Swagger Dog Hoodie

In case you like to dress your Frenchie in both chic and warm winter hoodies, then I suggest you have a look at this brilliant piece of clothes. The modern leopard design and thermal fabric will definitely keep your dog’s belly dry while walking outside in the winter. Since the hoodie is a mix of acrylic and wool, you can be sure that your Frenchie will feel pleasant while wearing it.

Frenchie World® ultra-soft hoodie

Cold weather won’t stand a chance with the adorable and soft Frenchie World® ultra-soft hoodie. It comes with a hood with Teddy-Bear ears and trouser legs.  Therefore, your pooch will be able to even go for a walk in this jumpsuit hoodie.

The soft plush will not only make your Frenchie look like a cuddly bear, but will also prevent him from cold.

Woolen Star Dog Sweater Hoodie

French bulldog hoodies don’t have to look ordinary. You can make your little gremlin even more attractive by dressing him into this winter sweater. The Woolen star sweater comes in two colors and can be worn on different occasions. An what about the hood with a pom-pom? Well, I am sure that it will make everyone turn their heads!

I Heart Mom Dog Hoodie

Since there is no greater love than mom feels for her Frenchie, we are sure that you’ll adore this hoodie. ‘I love my mom’ message will put a smile on your face every day, while your batpig will feel thankful to have an extra layer.

Fox Dog Hoodie by Frenchie World

Are you searching for something insanely cute that will suit your Frenchie’s personality? Well, in case you are, then the following item needs to become part of your Frenchie’s wardrobe. This Fox hoodie is available in 3 colors and the mix of wool and polyester will not let your pooch to suffer from hypothermia.  Inner Pure plush cotton makes it great soft and warm while outer fabric always ensures smooth and quality.

Devil/Unicorn French Bulldog Hoodie

Is your Frenchie an angel or a devil? If you can’t describe his/her personality, then I advise you have a look at this devil/ unicorn dog hoodie. The high cut will prevent your Frenchie from unplanned messes while keeping it warm and cozy at the same time.

Winter Snug Hoodie

Who doesn’t like to feel snuggled in winter? Since this hoodie resembles a blanket, there’s no way that your Frenchie will feel cold while having a nap. It is available in three pastel colors and the hood with added ears will make your furry friend cute as Teddy bear.

Frenchie World® Basic Dog Hoodie

You can’t make a mistake by buying this basic dog hoodie. It is available in six colors, while the cute pocket put on a dog’s back gives a special detail. Besides it presents an excellent pick for crisp fall days, it can be worn under a dog’s jacket to provide extra warmth.

Leisure Contrast Spring French Bulldog Hoodie

Why not stand out from the crowd by wearing something both trendy and cozy? Well, we are sure that your French bulldog will become the main buddy in the neighborhood by wearing the following dog hoodie. The hood comes in Pepito design, while the message on a dog’s back will perfectly fit the Frenchie’s rebel personality.

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