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Ten Best French Bulldog Houses

Does it seem like your Frenchie spends most of his time sleeping? It’s nothing odd to see this breed to spend a good part of the life sleeping because they’re naturally predisposed for such a life habit. French bulldogs belong to low-energy breeds that don’t require much exercise. Depending on their age and personalities, dogs may sleep up to 18-20 hours a day. Therefore, every dog needs to have a cozy sleeping place. These ten best French bulldog houses can become your dog’s favorite place to spend cold winter days and enjoy lying all day long.

What is the difference between French bulldog houses and beds?

As a Frenchie owner, you might find yourself in a dilemma whether to choose a dog house or a bed for your little gremlin. Since there is a huge difference between these two, my advice is to observe your dog’s personality to discover what does he prefer. Does your furry friend like to cuddle and snuggle beside you? If the answer is yes, then he’ll probably like to spend time in a cozy dog house. French bulldog houses help your pup to have a confined and safe feeling. They are also suitable for pooches with a tendency to suffer from separation anxiety.

Unlike dog beds, houses provide our furry friends with snuggled feeling. Anxious dogs are on a higher tendency to show fearful behavior. The good news is that dog houses can help dogs to overcome the stress. In that way, they’ll feel relaxed to spend time alone.

Top 10 picks of French bulldog houses

Frenchie World® House & Bed 2 in 1

French bulldog houses come in so many designs and colors. That’s why we made a list of 10 best picks for your little gremlin. The following dog house can quickly transform into a dog bed. The only thing you need to do is to remove the top that is attached by the zipper. The house comes in 2 colors and may become your dog’s favorite place to spend winter days.

french bulldog houses

Frenchie World® Teddy Bed

In case you live with a furry little princess, then you should definitely have a look at the following dog house. It is machine washable and comes with a soft pillow and a toy bone. The soft plush lining is suitable for colder months, so you don’t have to worry if your pup feels cold.

french bulldog houses

Frenchie World® Tent

Who doesn’t like tents? It can become not only your dog’s favorite place for sleeping but also for playing. You can choose between 2 designs and to use the mat separately. It is a perfect place to hide their toys, beds, and accessories when your guests come over. Since it comes in fashionable colors, we are sure that it will easily fit any kind of environment.

Frenchie World® Soft Sleeping Bed

Does your Frenchie adore to feel nested while sleeping? Well, besides this dog house comes in cute girly design, it’s also soft and comes with a removable cushion. Therefore, your little friend’s bed can always stay clean. The mat is suitable for dogs with painful joints because it shapes according to his body.

french bulldog beds

Frenchie World® Lion House

Don’t interrupt the lion while sleeping! It might look like dogs sleep more than we do. However, the truth is that they also wake up more than we do. While humans sleep in one round at night, our dogs sleep in lots of small bursts. They are not deep sleepers, and thanks to this fact, we have the best guardians to protect us overnight. This dog house might look scary at first but in fact, your Frenchie can become thrilled by sleeping in it. He will adore jumping, chewing, and playing with the lion’s ears and hair to entertain himself.

french bulldog houses

Frenchie World® Cozy soft cave house

Is there anything better than enjoying watching TV and spending your free time with your little pup lying beside you. Regardless of how cute it sounds, you’re probably enough to clean your dog’s hair from your furniture. Am I right? Luckily, French bulldog breed belongs to moderate shedders but it doesn’t mean that your house will be a hair-free space. French bulldog houses may also look like cozy blankets and to serve as protection to your furniture. The following soft cave house comes in brown and gray colors and will surely thrill your pup to spend time by your side.

Pig Shaped Frenchie House (ultra soft)

For all those little piglets that would rather chill all day long than playing fetch, we have a special proposal. This Pig-shaped Frenchie house comes with a lovely piggy ears on top and is made to keep your pup warm during winter.

frenchie house

Dual Suede French Bulldog Nest

Unlike other dog houses, this Dual Suede French bulldog nest can be transformed to a cozy dog bed. It’s suitable both for puppies and older pooches that suffer from arthritis. The shell is removable, so you can wash it in a machine whenever you want. French bulldogs that suffer from arthritis should sleep on soft beds that are filled with memory foam, felt, or a soft sponge.

frenchie bed

Pineapple Dog House

In case you are searching for a crazy-looking Frenchie house that is lightweight and soft, then look no more! This pineapple house is more than a bed. Your Frenchie will enjoy spending time inside of it and play when you leave it home alone.

french bulldog houses

Frenchie House Shark (Washable)

The great thing about this dog bed is that it’s completely washable. On the other hand, your pup will surely enjoy carrying it around and playing with the shark ‘fins’. In fact, it provides a perfect shelter with a comfy bed inside. It has a non-slip bottom, so it will stay in place when your pooch jumps in and out.

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