french bulldog itchy skin

French Bulldog Itchy Skin- Reasons and Solution

Uncontrollable and severe itchiness of the skin is one of the most annoying conditions that can affect your dog’s life. Besides, if you leave it untreated, it can turn into a year-round problem. French bulldog itchy skin requires a quick treatment as well as discovering the trigger. Let’s find out why does it occur and how can you help your Frenchie.

french bulldog itchy skin

French bulldog itchy skin- What are the main causes?

French bulldog’s skin can become itchy for two reasons. The first one can be your French bulldog’s diet, while another one is related to different environmental triggers that irritate the skin. That’s why every owner should monitor his dog’s behavior and consult with the vet to discover the root of the problem in the very beginning. In most cases, French bulldog itchy skin is caused by food.

So, if you suspect that your dog is allergic to a particular food ingredient, you can put him on an elimination diet. Elimination diet serves to help dog owners to discover what ingredients they should avoid in feeding their dogs. It usually lasts for 3 weeks, and then you should slowly reintroduce your dog with specific food and monitor the symptoms. Don’t get confused by the fact that your dog hasn’t shown any signs of a food allergy you’ve been feeding him so far. Just like humans, our dogs can develop an allergy at a certain period of life when their immune system weakens.

The good news is that food allergy in French bulldogs is often followed by flatulence, gasses, runny stools, or constipation.

What ingredients to avoid in your French bulldog’s diet?

Frenchies have sensitive digestive systems, so they should avoid eating food rich in by-products, eggs, soy, gluten (from wheat), dairy products, and lamb.

If you’ve determined that your dog suffers from a food allergy, our advice is to put him on handmade meals or a BARF diet for French bulldogs. BARF diet includes feeding a dog with fresh veggies, fruits, and raw meat. Special attention should be put on buying meat in verified and trusted butchers.

french bulldog itchy skin

French bulldog itchy skin and environmental allergens

French bulldog itchy skin can be triggered by allergens found in our environment too. Inhalation allergens are more difficult to reveal and remove from the dog’s fur. Testing for specific allergens should be performed only in authorized laboratories. The RAST test allows you to discover what the main cause of the French bulldog’s itchy skin is. Besides, it will allow you to plan for better treating.

What are the most common environmental allergens?

  • Seasonal pollen (pollen of grass, trees, and weeds)
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Flea saliva
  • Other insect bites
  • Chemicals (house cleaning products, laundry detergent, perfumes)

Other causes that trigger itchiness in Frenchies:

  • Genetic
  • The hereditary weak immune system
  • congenital defects

French bulldog itchy skin- How to treat environmental allergies?

Wear protective clothes

One of the protections can be wearing protective clothes that will keep the allergens off the dog’s fur. Even when your dog doesn’t need clothes to stay warm, you can choose breathable and lightweight clothes that will allow the skin to breathe.

Antihistamines therapy

Taking antihistamines such as Benadryl can help your pet to decrease the symptoms. Antihistamines block the histamines which is the main culprit for developing symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchiness.

Using topical creams

After your vet determines the level of severity, your Frenchie might get prescribed topical and corticosteroidal creams. They provide immediate relief, and quickly solve the problem. However, they shouldn’t be used for a prolonged period.

Use natural remedies

Coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and tea tree oil are only some of the natural remedies you can try to treat your French bulldog itchy skin. Tea tree oil should not be used separately and put on the dog’s skin directly. It can be used only in small amounts and as a secondary ingredient in specific creams. This is very important to note because direct exposure to tea tree oil can cause salivation, lethargy, ataxia, and tremor.  Tea tree oil provides an antimicrobial effect, cooling effect, and reduces itchiness.

When we talk about Coconut oil, it provenly helps in treating bites, hot spots, dry skin, and itchy skin. It is also good for paws, and harmless if your dog licks it.

french bulldog itchy skin

Aloe Vera gel features anti-fungal properties and can clear up many skin conditions. Therefore, why not give a chance this magical plant?

Boost your dog’s immunity

Besides feeding your Frenchie with quality ingredients, you can also include different supplements that affect the skin condition. For example, antioxidants, vitamins E, C, and B can strengthen the dog’s immune system and help in reducing allergies.

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