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French Bulldog Jackets- Top 10 Picks For Autumn/Winter

In case you are the owner of a Frenchie, then you’re probably familiar with their tendency to hypothermia. That’s why you need to keep your little gremlin warm by buying high-quality French bulldog jackets. We’ve found ten best picks to suit different types of weather conditions!

How to choose the appropriate French bulldog jackets?

Choosing jackets for your Frenchie might sound challenging because of their unique body structure. They have short, compact, and muscle-built bodies that require wearing a broader but shorter cut of clothes. Since these pooches also have thick necks, they also need to wear specially-tailored garments that won’t make them feel uncomfortable.

Luxury Leopard French Bulldog Coat

Since your dog’s health should always be put in the first place, buying a warm and cozy jacket will help him to regulate his body temperature when spending time outside in cold weather. Since Frenchies are not outside dogs, they are not capable of sustaining long walks during winter. Therefore, the following Luxury Leopard jacket can present not only a sharp detail but also an over needed item this season.

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80’s Retro Shiny Jacket

Since the 80s’ are back to fashion, why not make your Frenchie the biggest star of the neighborhood? When choosing the French bulldog jackets, it’s essential to select a high cut that will prevent a dog from unplanned messes from happening. The following shiny coat is available in 3 colors and comes with a zipper for more effortless dressing up.

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French Bulldog Waterproof Winter Quilted Vest

In case you are searching for a waterproof dog jacket or vest, then the following one presents one of the best for your Frenchie. It’s thick and comes with a zippered hole to hook up the leash on your dog’s collar. Since it has velcro on a dog’s belly, it’s easy to adjust as your furry friend grows.

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Panda Winter Waterproof Hooded Jacket

Here is the cutest Panda walking down the street. With this Waterproof and hooded jacket, your little gremlin will get complete winter protection. It comes with buttons to prevent a dog’s hair from twitching, and it’s available in 2 colors.  Made from rugged nylon Ripstop and 140 msg Polytech fill, this lightweight jacket is just as city worthy as it is mountain made.

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All Over Frenchie Snowsuit

Let’s admit! There is no dog who doesn’t like rolling in the snow! Despite the fact Frenchies are not lovers of cold weather, you shouldn’t forbid them to enjoy winter magic. To keep your dog’s fully-protected, we advise you to have a look at the following All over Frenchie Snowsuit. It is available in 2 colors and has the extra leg and abdominal coverage. It makes a huge difference in their ability to tolerate the cold weather. There are still openings for your pup to take care of his outdoor needs as well.

Classic French Bulldog Raincoat

Besides having French bulldog jackets, your little gremlin needs to be prepared for those windy and rainy autumn weather as well. The following raincoat is available in 2 colors and presents a great solution when taking a Frenchie for a stroll in rainy spring or autumn days.

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Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket

In case you are an owner who likes dressing up your dog in fashionable outfits, then this jacket is everything your dog needs! The luxurious faux fur and the inner shell will keep your pet warmer during those harsh cold weather conditions.

Winter Warm Down Jacket

French bulldog jackets don’t need to be expensive! You can also find a quality dog jacket at a reasonable price. The following one is made of thick and pleasant fabric that is filled with lining. The jacket contains buttons to escape hair twitching and comes with a hood to keep your Frenchie’s ears warm.


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Luxury Princess Pink French Bulldog Coat

Since we care about cute Frenchie princesses, we can forget about finding the coat that will make them even cuter this season. This Princess Frenchie coat is something that every Frenchie female needs to have in her closet. It is made of luxurious faux fur and the extra pair of ears put on the hood will make everyone to turn their heads for your four-legged beauty.

Faux Fur Collar Denim Dog Jacket

Cool and warm at the same time, this striped denim dog jacket brings together chic urban design and quality materials. An excellent choice for colder weather in the fall, early spring or even winter, this denim jacket for dogs features a faux fur collar. It is available in 2 colors and can be machine washable.

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Extra tips to make your French bulldog warm this season

  • Buy your dog comfortable and waterproof dog boots. Note that road salt and walking on cold and sharp surfaces in winter can damage your dog’s paws. Since dogs regulate their body temperatures through their paws, it’s highly essential to provide these tiny body parts with the appropriate care and protection.
  • Provide your dog with a cozy and warm bed in winter. Frenchies best sustain temperatures between 20-25 degrees, so you’d better think about keeping him warm in his favorite place for chilling.
  • Do not leave your Frenchie in a car during winter. The same rule applies to the summer. Since Frenchies are prone to overheating, you should never leave your dog in a car on a hot summer day.
  • Use a dog paw balm to soothe your dog’s paws. The “Silky Paws” by Frenchie World blend is organic, vegan, and full of healing nutrients that will help your pet get back up on his feet to explore the great big world!
  • Prevent your Frenchie’s nose from becoming cracked and dry. Cold and harsh weather can seriously damage your dog’s main ‘tool’ for discovering the world.

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