french bulldog jealousy

French Bulldog Jealousy? What To Do?

Does your dog follow you everywhere, show aggression, or bark every time someone wants to approach you? Well, these could be only some of the signs that may point out to your French Bulldog Jealousy. If your pet excessively barks or jumps when you want to pet another dog or cuddle your child, then it’s pretty obvious he/she possessively loves you. Since such behavior can be very annoying for anyone in your vicinity, it’s advisable to perform certain training lessons to escape these issues.

french bulldog jealousy

French bulldog jealousy- What are the signs to spot?

1- French Bulldog Aggression

We all want to live with a calm-tempered dog who will act friendly toward strangers. However, what to do if your Frenchie starts to bark like crazy and starts to growl every time he sees you in someone’s vicinity? well, it’s pretty obvious that he suffers from jealousy. He wants your love only for himself, so this stage can be very challenging to overcome. If you deal with your French bulldog jealousy, there are gradual steps to follow to control such behavior.

2- Following the owner everywhere

Well, it’s nothing odd to see a dog following his owner through the house from time to time. In those moments, your Frenchie is probably expecting to get a treat or a tasty plate of his favorite meal. However, what to do if your dog is doing it uncontrollably and even doesn’t allow you to visit a toilet in peace?

3- Pushy behavior

One of the signs to spot that will relieve you that your dog is dealing with jealousy is a pushy behavior. Your Frenchie will try to push another dog or your guest to attract your attention.

4- Interrupting your space

Another sign that will relieve your French bulldog jealousy is the interrupting behavior. Think about how many times you needed to finish some work on the computer and your Frenchie jumped into your lap and occupied your working place?

What causes French bulldog jealousy?

Since French Bulldogs belong to companion dog breeds, it’s normal to expect they will be very dependable. On the other hand, they are also prone to suffering from separation anxiety and can show jealousy out of fear.

Another reason for such behavioral occurrence can be triggered by a dog’s boredom. Therefore, you should provide your doggie with regular exercise to make sure he released his pent-up energy.

How to solve the jealousy in Frenchies?

  • Teach your dog to play with interactive French bulldog toys. It’s one of the best ways to occupy his attention and provide him with enough play. The following Frenchie World® IQ Treat ball interactive food egg will attract your dog’s attention because there’s no better toy than the one that releases tasty snacks.
french bulldog jealousy
  • Bringing a baby home

If you’ve just become a parent, then you should gradually teach your pet to act friendly toward the baby. Never leave your dog close to your baby unattended and involve your dog into your daily routines. He shouldn’t recognize any change in your behavior, so try to make a good balance between your child and your Frenchie. Read our article How to prepare a French bulldog for a baby to get some useful tips.

  • Teach your dog to play alone from an early age

The best way to escape any jealous behavior in your Frenchie is to teach him to play with his toys from an early age. Since every dog adores chewing toys, we recommend you to have a look at the following Natural Non-Toxic Rubber/ Linen Tooth Cleaning Chew Toy.

french bulldog toy
  • Teach a dog to spend time in his crate

Dog crates can help a lot in dealing with their jealousy. However, crates don’t represent dog cages but dog beds that should provide your Frenchie with a secured feeling. The following dog tent can serve as a perfect crate for your Frenchie. It’s big enough to allow your dog to play with toys and to have a nap during a day.

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