french bulldog lifespan

French Bulldog Lifespan- How Long Does This Breed Live?

If you’re considering buying a dog, then you surely want to find a dog breed that will stay by your side for many years. French bulldog lifespan sparks a lot of debate lately. Since French bulldogs can be susceptible to health issues, buying a puppy from a reputable breeder will much affect the lifespan of a Frenchie.

french bulldog lifespan

What does affect French bulldog lifespan?

You might haven’t heard of this fact, but the size can much affect the French bulldog lifespan. Therefore, if you own a mini French bulldog, there are high chances it will leave shorter than standard-sized Frenchies. Standard French bulldogs live between 12-14 years, while mini Frenchies live 9-12 years.

It’s also important to mention that these are only general statements. According to different records, some Frenchies had a longer lifespan (up to 16 years).

Buy a French bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder

If you want your future family member to stay with you for many years, it’s important to but it from a reputable and trusted breeder. French bulldogs should not be bought for small amount of money. French bulldog dams go through artificial insemination and C-section which are extra costs for a breeder. Besides, every reputable breeder performs testing of both parents in order to get a healthy litter of puppies.

Heathy genes

Before you buy a puppy, it’s important to get a proof from a breeder that your future family member has quality and heathy genes. If the puppy’s parents don’t have any hereditary diseases, and they don’t suffer from allergies, and other issues, then it’s a sort of a proof that the puppy you’re buying will be of good health.

How to extend your French bulldog lifespan?

The good news is that French bulldogs are the healthiest of all bully breeds. However, the French bulldog lifespan will also much depend on the care he gets. These are only some of the steps to follow.

Choose a high-quality diet

We are all aware of the fact that our health much depends on the quality of the ingredients we eat. Well, this rule applies to our dogs too. French bulldogs have sensitive digestive systems and canbe prone to allergies. That’s why we advise you to feed your pup with the BARF diet.

BARF diet for French bulldogs includes using fresh and raw ingredients. In that way, you’ll be sure that your dog eats safe, clean, and fresh ingredients. Another option can be choosing one of the top 8 dog food brands for French bulldogs.

Regular activity

Although Frenchies don’t require much exercise, they certainly need a daily activity. By taking your dog to strolls, you’ll prevent him from obesity. Obesity in French bulldogs can affect his lifespan and make it susceptible to problems with breathing.

Everyday care is essential

French bulldogs are special in many ways. Besides they have an iconic appearance, they also require to get a daily care. Let’s start from their ears… French bulldog ears stand erected and opened and due to this fact, you should daily check them for plant or dirt stuck inside.

Another tip to extend your French bulldog lifespan is to take care of his body temperature. These pooches are prone both to overheating and hypothermia. Therefore, when you take him outside in extreme weather conditions, it’s important to dress him into protective clothes. Choose warm French bulldog coats for the winter, and cooling jackets for the summer season.

french bulldog lifespan

Besides ears, French bulldog’s tail pocket and folds are the spots to pay a special attention. Instead of tails, Frenchies have those hidden pockets that can collect feces and dirt. As you can guess, bad hygiene can lean to painful infections.

French bulldog lifespan- wrapping up

Every dogs loves to live in a family where he will be surrounded with love. Therefore, love your pet and show mutual respect. Dogs can truly understand our feelings, and will longer stay by our side if we give them love, care, and respect.

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