french bulldog nails

French Bulldog Nails- What’s The Best Trimming Tool?

Keeping your French bulldog nails trimmed is of great importance for his health. Unfortunately, many inexperienced dog owners think that all dogs can do the trimming by walking on rough surfaces. However, it’s not the case with Frenchies because they’re quite lazy potato dogs. If the dog’s nails aren’t regularly trimmed, they may become ingrown and cause severe pains, infections, and mobility issues. Therefore, you should consider a nail trimming for your pet’s regular care routine.

french bulldog nails

French bulldog nails- How to do the trimming?

It’s true that most dogs don’t get thrilled to see the nail clippers in their owners’ hands. That’s why it’s essential to start teaching your Frenchie to get used to this practice from his early puppyhood. Before you start with performing the nail trimming, it’s important to prevent a dog from creating bad feelings around the process.

Let your dog connect it with pleasant feelings such as playing, cuddling, or eating his favorite snacks. Sometimes, even using different tools can greatly affect the dog’s behavior. Therefore, we advise you to use the following French Bulldog Bath Distraction Mat. You can place your Frenchie in a bathtub and spread the peanut butter or some other tasty treat onto the mat to occupy his attention.

french bulldog nails

Another tip includes frequently touching and holding your French bulldog’s paws from an early age. In that way, your pup will become less sensitive to feet handled. As your Frenchie gets used to this, the next step is introducing him to a nail trimming tool. Allow your dog to sniff the item and give a treat and praise.

Bring the nail trimmer close to your French bulldog nails and reward him once again. It’s extremely important for a dog to make a positive reaction when he sees the nail trimmer.

french bulldog nails

How to make a positive association with the process?

Try to trim off just a tiny part from one front nail. Do only one nail regardless of the dog’s positive reaction. Tell your Frenchie lots of praise words and reward him with snacks.

You should not push your dog to trim all the nails in just one day. Instead, try to trim just the tip-off pf just one nail per day. You should keep practice the process even when your dog doesn’t mind it. It’s the safest way of teaching the dog to get used to the whole process.

Steps to follow when trimming your dog’s nails

1- Hold your French bulldog’s paw firmly and gently. Place your thumb on the pad of a toe and your forefinger on the top of the toe. Before you start, we recommend you to make sure your Frenchie’s fur is not on the way.

2- Push your forefinger forward while pushing the thumb slightly up. It will extend the nail and help you see the quick.

3- Depending on which nail trimming tool you use, it might be difficult to spot the quick. Therefore, as one of the best products to use for cutting your French bulldog nails, we suggest you have a look at the following Dog Electric Rotating Nail Trimmer. It painlessly trims the nails while the LED light serves for showing you where the quick is.

french bulldog nails

Another useful Dog Pedicure that can be used on Frenchies comes with a limiter that prevents injuries. It works on 2AA batteries and represents the fastest way to painlessly cut the Frenchie’s nails.

french bulldog nails

If your pet is noise sensitive, then we recommend you trying this Professional Nail Grooming tool. It produces the noise under 60 db, and gently trims the Frenchie’s nails. Since its USB rechargeable, it is also a money-saving option.

french bulldog nails

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