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French Bulldog Paw Licking- The Reasons and Solution

Dogs have many habits and paw licking is one of the most common. However, when your dog is doing it excessively, it’s often the sign there’s an underlying problem that needs to be solved. French bulldog paw licking can grow into a problem if those tiny body parts show alarming signs such as redness, blisters, bad odor, hairless spots, etc. Let’s discover what could be the reasons and solutions for treating paw issues in French bulldogs.


The reasons for French bulldog paw licking

Since there could be many reasons for your Frenchie’s excessive paw licking, the most important rule is to regularly check for unusual signs. Early treatment will prevent severe infections and will help your pet to easier deal with the problem.

Walking on unsafe surfaces

Dog paws do a lot for their bodies. They help those furry friends to discover the world and great outdoors. When we talk about walking outside in specific weather conditions, French bulldog paws require additional protection.

Hot sand or asphalt, sharp rocks, and icy surfaces represent only some of the most critical surfaces for walking. That’s why we recommend you to protect your dog’s paw pads by wearing protective dog footwear.

The following Winter Leather Dog Snow Boots are waterproof and will protect the paws from street salt and developing blisters, cuts, and burns. These boots are inside padded with faux fur to provide extra warmth. The outer layer is made of leather, white the anti-slipping sole will prevent your Frenchie from falling.

Since you can’t completely prevent your French bulldog paw licking behavior, it’s important to protect them by using such a protective layer. Just imagine what can happen if your pet licks the paws after walking on salty surfaces in winter. Unfortunately, poisoning could end up fatal for your dog.

french bulldog paw licking

For walking in the hot weather conditions, you can choose dog socks made of pleasant and elastic fabric that will allow the pads to breathe. Since Frenchies like all other dogs sweat through their paw pads, it’s very important to choose a breathable fabric.

Regular paw cleaning

Regular paw cleaning will help you to keep your Frenchie’s paws healthy. Since dogs can end up their strolls with plant pieces, dirt, and pebbles stuck between the toes, it would be great to have a quick solution for this practice. French bulldog self-rotating clean cup will help you quickly remove all dirt by using gently silicone brush inside. It features soft silicone pins, and you just need to add water (and shampoo) to start the cleaning.

french bulldog paw licking

Yeast infection in French bulldogs

You probably know that Yeast is a regular resident of everyone’s body. However, when the immunity is imbalanced, it can overgrow and cause unpleasant smell and other irritations. Unfortunately, yeast on French bulldog paws is something that commonly occurs in this breed. French bulldog paw licking behavior can be triggered by a Yeast infection that requires to be treated with different medications. Otherwise, due to excessive licking, a dog may develop hairless spots, bloody patches and flaky, tick, and grey skin.

french bulldog paw licking

Separation anxiety in French bulldogs

Aside from previously mentioned facts, Frenchies are also famous for their tendency to follow their owners everywhere. Since they belong to companion breeds, they’ve learned to work alongside their owners. Therefore, you gotta be very careful when planning to leave your Frenchie home alone. If you don’t teach him gradually to this routine, your dog can start suffering from separation anxiety. As you may guess, one of the symptoms will be your French bulldog paw licking behavior.

Flea allergies in Frenchies

Flea saliva can cause allergic reactions that is often called Flea allergy dermatitis. Besides excessive itchiness, a dog can develop bald patches, hot spots, redness, and thickened skin.

Environmental or food allergy in French bulldogs

French bulldogs can show allergic reactions to different food ingredients such as soy, corn, eggs, and fat meat. By-products and food rich in additives are also one more factor that can impact your French bulldog paw licking behavior.

On the other hand, environmental allergens such as pollen, dust, and dirt are also one of the main culprits for your dog’s troubles in heaven.

French bulldog paw licking- What are the best solutions?

  • Depending on the weather conditions in your country, you should determine whether your Frenchie needs the appropriate paw protection. Wearing dog socks or boots are only some of the solutions.
  • Use French bulldog paw balms on a natural basis that will heal cracked and dry paws. Besides, you can include them as regular paw care that will soothe and moist your pet’s paws.
  • Daily check the paws for a stuck plant, dirt, and pebbles. A dog may lick his paws when something stitches his skin.
  • Treat any type of change/ injury on time. Don’t wait for the illness or injury to progress.
  • Use Coconut oil to soothe itchiness and irritations
  • Applying Olive oil can heal the cracked and dry skin on only on a dog’s paws but also on other places on a dog’s body.
  • To distract your dog’s attention from licking behavior, it would be great to use interactive French bulldog toys. Besides they’ll improve your dog’s intelligence, they’ll also distract him from self-injuring.
french bulldog nails

What is the best paw balm for French bulldogs?

When choosing the right paw balm for a Frenchie, it’s essential to choose the one that is made on a natural basis. Ingredients such as beeswax, olive oil, camomile, and other powerful herbs will soothe the paws and provide protection.

The following Paw Protection Stick features Almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, VE, and lavender essential oil. The ingredients are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry if your pet licks the paws.

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