French Bulldog Poodle Mix Puppies


Hypoallergenic, intelligent, and regal looking are just some of the words that can be used to describe the poodle. When you combine these great attributes with all of the charms that the Frenchie offers, the result is a sweet-faced French Bulldog Poodle mix that is a great companion for singles, couples, and for those who have a family with children.

The appearance of the French Bulldog Poodle mix

Your standard French Bulldog should weigh no more than 24lbs if you own a female, whereas your male should weigh no more than 2lbs. Standing at no more than 12 inches tall, you know that the Frenchie is a compact companion suitable for adding to any lifestyle. Your mixed breed puppy’s stats will vary greatly based on whether the Poodle parent was a standard or a miniature version of this breed. The standard Poodle can weigh as much as 55lbs, and be as large as a Golden Retriever. When combined with the Frenchie, you’ll often get a smaller dog, with a weight that won’t exceed 30lbs. The same holds true if the Poodle is a miniature. You’ll get a smaller dog, one that stands perhaps no more than 16 inches at the shoulder.

Often referred to as Boodles, this mixed breed dog will be fluffier than the Frenchie is, and can range from soft and curly to coarse and smooth. His coat will be seen in a wide variety of patterns, and very well may be hypoallergenic which makes him a great addition to a home with children.

The personality of your Frenchie Poodle mix

While Poodles often get the reputation for being stand-offish and for not wanting to be a part of the family, the opposite is actually true. They are great family dogs, and they absolutely love being around their people. They’re happy and energetic, and you’ll find that they are really playful dogs. Combined with the Frenchie’s need to please and be around his people and you have a great companion for every member of the family.

When you get home from work you’ll always find that your French Bulldog Poodle mix is happy to see you, and happy to spend time with you.

Training your Boodle mix

Training this mixed breed is going to be an incredibly easy process. Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, which makes them very receptive to the training process. One of the challenges that dog owners find with smart breeds, and indeed you’ll find with your mixed breed, is that if they get bored they can sometimes get a little bit destructive. Keeping your dog entertained, and ensuring that he gets plenty of fresh and and exercise time will help to keep his boredom at bay.

Be sure that you only use positive reinforcement when you are training your dog, and always be consistent with the methods that you are using. Keep him away from things that he might be able to hurt himself with, and consider taking him for a walk or a run twice a day so that he’s able to get some of that energy burned off.

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