french bulldog pregnancy

French Bulldog Pregnancy Care

There’s nothing more beautiful than holding and cuddling newborn French bulldog puppies. Those lovely batpigs are capable to melt up even the coldest human hearts. However, French bulldog pregnancy and labor time are not as simple as they look like. French bulldog moms-to-be are rarely capable to give a regular birth on their own. In other words, they experience certain difficulties during their pregnancy time. Unfortunately, all future Frenchie moms are prone to get tired quickly, have troubles with breathing, and suffer from pain in hips and joints due to the gain weight.

french bulldog pregnancy

The period of a French Bulldog pregnancy

Frenchie females carry puppies 9 weeks from the moment of mating.
The exact date of birth can be determined by counting 63 days from the day of mating. However, dog owners usually don’t wait for the last days of pregnancy. It may turn out to be fatal both to mom and puppies, due to puppies’ big heads and the size of mom’s hips. Therefore, performing a C-section is the best solution. The date of the operation is usually assigned earlier. For choosing the right time for C-section, it’s advisable to do an ultrasound diagnosis. In that way, the owner will also discover the number of puppies.

french bulldog pregnancy

French Bulldog pregnancy carrying rules

The most important part of pregnancy care is not to change the feeding routine suddenly. It will cause unnecessary stress to Frenchie’s body.

A pregnant female Frenchie should eat in smaller portions. The main reason for this is the prevention of so-called diaphragm elevation. Your Frenchie’s tummy full of puppies means that she doesn’t have enough space for portions she used to eat before.

A dog’s physical routine should not become restricted. However, avoidance of jumping and running will certainly save her from injuries.

Taking your pregnant Frenchie outside for a couple of short walks will also have a beneficial effect on her body. In that way, you’ll also prevent her from obesity.

Increase the number of proteins from the 4th week of pregnancy. From that period, puppies are more likely to take vitamins from a mom’s body. Avoid buying food with by-products because it may increase a tendency for allergies in your Frenchie. It’s important more than ever for you to make sure your dog’s getting everything she needs. Always keep in mind that a well-balanced diet is the health pillar both for mom and her puppies.

For feeding your pregnant Frenchie, we highly recommend you to check ACANA and ORIJEN DOG FOOD that have a higher percentage of meat.

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