french bulldog price

French Bulldog Price- How Much Does It Cost?

If you already decided that a Frenchie is a right pick for your family, then you probably want to know something more about the French bulldog price. While you can find many dog breeds or crossbreeds for a small amount of money, Frenchies don’t belong to that category. Let’s find out what does affect the French bulldog price.

french bulldog price

French bulldog Price – How to choose the right puppy?

Lately, we have been witnesses of the cruel trend of producing unhealthy litters of puppies. Unfortunately, the main goal of ‘so-called’ breeders was to quickly earn a lot of money, so that’s why they decided to sell French bulldog puppies for a small amount of money. That’s why it’s essential to collect and find out all the information about the breeder before you decide to buy a puppy. In the end, you are going to bring a new family member and not a toy.

To make sure that the puppy you want to buy is completely healthy, you need to know everything about its parents’ health history. In other words, a breeder should have the documentation that will ensure you about your future family member’s health.

french bulldog price

Has the dog been cleaned from potential genetic diseases? Did its parents suffer from any health issue? How many puppies have been in a litter? Did the puppy get all the vaccinations? These are only some of the questions you should ask the breeder.

There are many factors that determine the French bulldog price. For example, the number of puppies in the litter.Pregnant Frenchies require special prenatal care, and going through a C -section to give birth. Therefore, you can’t expect that those puppies can cost 500$. There is actually a huge difference between 500$ and 5,000$ Frenchie.

how much should I pay for a french bulldog

A Cheap Frenchie puppy doesn’t sound good

One of the first things that a breeder should do is to select the dogs for mating. Both dogs should have excellent bloodlines. The next step is artificial insemination. Since these little frogdogs can’t mate in a traditional way, they need to go through this process. Several unsuccessful attempts may also occur, and they also present an extra cost for the breeder.

Prenatal care

Going to regular health checks and ultrasounds are an inevitable part of the procedure. Future Frenchie moms go through a serious process before they give birth. To improve lactation, a pregnant mom should eat high protein food. Note that puppies take all the necessary ingredients for themselves, so that’s why she needs to eat healthy ingredients.

A pregnant Frenchie mom should also have multiple meals to escape pains and gasses. Since she will have less space in her belly, the breeder should feed her a few times a day with small portions.

The last stage presents the C-section that is a ‘must-do’ procedure for these ladies. It is a serious surgery where a mom needs time for recovery. As you can guess, the breeder here plays an important role too.

french bulldog price
french bulldogs two puppies isolated on white background

When the puppies are born, the breeder should help them in feeding and socializing with their mom. Usually, Frenchies give birth to 1-3 puppies at once. If you compare all these facts with the breeding process of other dogs, you can make your own conclusion. Breeding a Frenchie is a tough process that requires plenty of energy and money.

Wrapping up

Therefore, the high French bulldog price should not surprise you at all. Before you buy this puppy, our advice is to find a reputable breeder. The price of these little gremlins usually ranges between 1,000 $ to 15,000 $. And, it mostly depends on the carried genes. The rare French bulldog colors or mini French bulldogs are often higher in prices because they need a special way of breeding. In the end, regardless of how much you’ve paid the puppy, its health will also depend on the care, love, and diet it gets.

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