French bulldog Puppies-What do you need to know?

The large flat ears, layered skin, and unique dispositions are the defining attributes of French bulldog puppies. The miniature is undeniably popular among the pet owners, especially city dwellers. I can understand how hard it is to resist the playfulness of the little Frenchie.


The erected ears are the trademark features of French bulldog puppies. The heavy wrinkles, short nose, and serious expressions are what stunned everyone who decides to adopt this adorable canine. There is no denying that the muscular little puppy is a package of alertness and a brilliant attitude.

However, knowing how cute and adorable this little Frenchie is not enough when it comes to looking after it.  There is a lot more you need to explore if you want to become a responsible pet parent.  From nutritional requirements to their training and exercise, I researched as much as I could before bringing the tiny creature home.

I have incorporated all the useful information regarding French bulldog puppies here to answer your queries about French bulldogs.

General Characteristics

It would not be wrong to say French bulldog puppies are the most companionable breed. They are affectionate and can be happily adapted to any lifestyle. The little canines love to spend time with their owners. Not only this, they enjoy spending time with other animals as well. They can amuse you with their learning abilities.

French bulldog puppies can be transformed into excellent watchdogs if you provide them with proper training. My Frenchie is quite, but when it sees unannounced visitors, it shows amazing and instinctive behavior. This led me to discover how surprisingly sensitive these little dogs are.  The short-faced puppy loves to snuffle and snort.

Nutritional Requirements


Feeding high-quality food to this little canine is extremely important for its healthy growth. Make sure you feed age-appropriate food to your puppy that contains all essential nutrients this breed needs. French bulldog puppies are susceptible to obesity, so keep this in mind.

French bulldog puppy is a food lover, but if you overfeed it, you put its health at high risk. Seeing their innocent eyes, you may feel that its hunger is not satiated, but if you have already fed your dog, avoid paying attention to it.

I used to give a lot of treats to my pup when I adopted it, but thanks to my veterinarian who guided me just in time.

Remember that, obesity can damage the physical structure of your puppy. Watching the calorie intake of your Frenchie is vital to prevent its weight gain. Giving them table scrap is a good idea if you want to reduce the treat quantity. Avoid feeding your pet high-fat food such as cooked bones as treats. Your canine expert can professionally guide you if you are concerned about the diet and weight of your puppy.

How can you Groom Your Puppy?


Grooming is fun with this adorable yet muscular breed. If you are a pet lover, this is the best thing you can do to strengthen your bond with your little canine. Plus, knowing the right grooming technique is also important.

French bulldog puppy has a short coat that sheds minimally. You need to brush it weekly with a thin- bristled brush. I personally prefer using grooming mitt or hound gloves. This tool helps me remove all the shed hair of my pup. There is another benefit of using this grooming tool. It evenly distributes oils in my Frenchie’s soft coat and promotes hair growth.

Moreover, keeping your cute miniature facial folds clean is another important part of its grooming regimen.  It prevents infections and keeps it healthy.

Does your French Bulldog Puppy Require Exercise?

Like many pet owners, I had the same belief that French bulldog puppy does not need exercise, which is not correct. Exercise plays a crucial role in its healthy growth. Now, I make sure to have a daily play session with my dog. If spending that much time with your dog is not possible for you, a short walk would do enough to keep your canine in shape.

Frenchies love to participate in various canine sports such as rally, which require obedience, and agility. If you notice breathing issues in your puppy, do not burden him with too many exercises and avoid leaving it in humid weather.

How to Train a Frenchie?

Exposing your pup to different places and people is a great way to train it. Early training classes and socialization have been really helpful in developing my little Frenchie into a well-mannered dog. They did not only help me to inculcate good habits in my French bulldog puppy, but I also learned how to correct its bad behavior.

Health Issues

Despite the fact that Frenchies are one of the most adorable creatures in the world, unfortunately, they’re prone to different health issues. French bulldog puppies are often high in price because no one can expect to get a healthy puppy for a small amount of money. On the other hand, French bulldogs are the healthiest of all bully breeds. However, before you make a final decision of buying this breed, we recommend you to make in-depth research into a dog’s health history. Every trusted breeder should provide you with a puppy’s parent health history. Here is the list of the most common French bulldog health problems.

french bulldog puppies

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a skeletal disorder that occurs not only large dog breeds but also those prone to obesity. Unfortunately, French bulldog puppies are one of them. This health condition prevents the hips from normal functioning. It causes serious chronic pains in dogs. It’s characterized by an inability to climb the stairs and jump, decreased activity, bunny hopping, and difficulty standing up. The reason for your dog’s hip dysplasia may be a genetic predisposition, obesity, excessive growth, and inappropriate exercise.

Allergy problems

Different allergy issues mostly occur in flat-faced dogs, and French bulldog puppies are one of them. Itchy skin, sneezing, snoring due to an inflamed throat, constant licking, vomiting, and diarrhea can be some of the symptoms. The common causes of your Frenchie’s allergy may be food, environmental and contact allergy.

French Bulldog puppies-sleeping


There’s still no proven reason for hereditary deafness in French bulldog puppies. It often occurs young puppies and can be noticed by non-response to noises. There’s a statement that deafness mostly affects white or pied dogs.

Cherry eye

All dogs have lower, upper and corner eyelid. However, an inflamed red mass protruding from your Frenchie’s eye is the sign of Cherry eye issue. French bulldog’s third eyelid is located inside their lower eyelid. It produces most of their eye’s tear film. Cherry eye health issue can be caused by an infection, weakness of the eye muscles, and genetics. In other words, there’re many reasons. Therefore, you need to help your dog on time. Cherry eye is not fatal, but it makes your dog feeling nervous. It can be easily solved by different massage techniques. There’s also a great choice of different antimicrobial gels that can help your Frenchie’s eye issue.

Brachycephalic respiratory issues

It’s a fact that we all love French bulldog puppies’ snoring sound. However, we’re also not so thrilled with a number of respiratory issues they may have. When it comes to brachycephalic dog breeds, we need to pay attention to their activity. They can easily get tire during exercise and should never become greedy eaters. Due to their elongated soft palate, Frenchies breath rather through their mouths. By becoming a French bulldog owner, you need to become aware of great temperature differences. French bulldogs can’t stand too hot or too cold weather.

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